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Found 1 result

  1. Effects->Colors->Unblend Download: (Copy the file "ArgusPDN.Unblend.dll" to the "" folder) This effect is basically the reverse Operation for the normal blend Operation. From the current selection and a Background Color (Primary Color, Average Color or "Dominant Color" <-- this is experimental, take a look at the code to see what it means^^) a foreground Image is calculated so that every Pixel has to lowest possible Alpha (highest Transparency) under the condition that the result of a normal blend of the foreground and the Background Color is again the original Image. I mainly use this effect to remove the "white" background of scanned sheets or to remove background from an image (e.g. Logo) which is blurred/contains gradients from the image to the background. This effect is only revertible in the sense that blending on the Background Color accurately restores the original Image as Long as tolerance is Zero. Possible improvements in the future include: Different tolerances for Color channels (R,G,B ), Somehow Show the results of GetAverageColor and GetDominantColor to the user. I didn't really know, where to put this. Currently it's under Effects->Reverse Operations->Reverse Blend. If you have a better idea, feel free to share it ? I wrote this Plugin some years ago, but never published it. I got reminded of it when I did something similar in another Project.. and here it is.. v1.2 - Compete UI overhaul - Added HSV Tolerances - New Backgroundcolor Sources: Average color and Dominant color of image from Clipboard v1.1 - Removed Copy to and from Clipboard options (they were buggy) - Changed rendering (render progress is now reflected in image) v1.0 - Initial Release