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Found 13 results

  1. The plugin it does exactly what the name says. Found in Effects > Text Formations. UI: I thanks to BoltBait who improved very much this plugin. Download You can get a very smooth text:
  2. Found in Effects > Text Formations NOTE: Please see here for the Optional Based Library download required to run the Circular Text Plugin: The UI: Standard tab Options tab Download
  3. otice. Problem of Letter space is solved by v1.2 . I checked that this work PDN v3.5.4 . It's OK. ------------------------------------------------- This plugin writes text into a circle. enjoy! Menu > Effects > Text Formations>CircleText How to use How to make arched text (new!) Exsample of using this plug-in Exsample2 by barkbark00's idea Warning You can not use some fonts in this plugin.(it does not support font style "Regular") If you choice it , pop-up window for error message opens . cl
  4. Over here.... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116364-math-support-latex/... physics_teacher asked if there was a way to "render on-the-fly latex in my diagrams". Unbelievably, my masterful Dr Scott's Markup Renderer was not doing the job. Wha....? Anyway, I decided to write a much smaller and more specific plugin to render Math LaTeX equations using paint.net. Download it by hitting the big blue button >> Download Installation: Unzip the file Copy both DLL files to one of these two locations (depending on which version
  5. Version 1.1 (Requires Paint.NET v4.2.9+) Creative Text Pro takes the fonts on your system and uses them to create professional looking 3D text. The available controls allow you to customize your text to infinite possibilities! If you have ever wondered how to make 3D text in Paint.NET... Or, how to make gold text in Paint.NET... Or, how to make chrome text in Paint.NET... this is the plugin for you! Creative Text Pro includes 6 black-and-white algorithms that can be adjusted and/or colorized, including: Normal, Subtle, Dark, Chrome, Light, an
  6. Hi! This is .....Maybe do not need Explanation. Menu > Effects > Text Formations>Speech Bubble Download  This was created by new "CodeLab v1.5" Thank you BoltBait.
  7. 'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects > Text Formations. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
  8. TechnoRobbo's Monolithic (3D Text Generator) Version 1.0.6 Special thanks to the Dwarf Horde for their advice and support Version 1.0.6 Bug fixes Version 1.0.5 Bug fixes and optimizations Version 1.0.4+ Removes the need to press the Enter Key to affect a change in the number boxes Version 1.0.3+ adds some code to avoid a potential crash version 1.0.2+ improves anti-aliasing Menu: Effects -> Text Formations Instructional Video
  9. Paint.NET is a very useful tool and does everything I needed from Photoshop. Except for one thing: in Photoshop it's possible to adjust the text kerning/spacing. This was not possible in Paint.NET and I couldn't find a plugin for it. So I decided to write one myself! Please let me know of any issues and/or feature requests! Download here: SpacedTextPlugin.zip It's under Effects -> Text Formations -> Spaced Text Tested on Paint.NET 4.0.17 Note: this plugin clears the layer on which it is used. Make sure to create a new layer when using this ef
  10. Text Window Effects -> Text Formations -> Text Window Description Used to repeat text to create word images. Screenshots Notes If you do not intend to repeat the text, please use the Text tool as seen below. Change Log v1.4 (July 5, 2018) Added: Russian translation by @ReMake is now included. Changed: The Font dropdown now defaults to the Arial font, rather than the first one in the list. v1.3 (March 14, 2016) Changed: Unusable font are no longer listed in the UI, thus eliminating the "F
  11. This plugin is based on toe_head2001 Text Window plugin code. Found in Effects ► Text Formations submenu: ► ImageInText.zip ◄
  12. Text+ has been redesigned. Download Save/Open:you can save and read All Data of "Text+" the extension of the file is "dtp" Align Style:Left,Center,Right,Justify,Vertical for English,Vertical for Japanese TextBox:max 4096 Font Style:only "regular" Font Size:6-9999(the increment 0.1) Aspect ratio:0.1-10(the increment 0.01) Line Space:0-9999 Line Head:(-9999)-(+9999) Pitch:0-9999 Position X:(-9999)-(+9999) Position Y:(-9999)-(+9999) Width of Justify:0-9999 Rotate:(-180)-(+180) enjoy!(2014/04/27) ******
  13. notice. Added Reverce redution ratio. Problem of Letter space is solved by v1.2 . I checked that this work PDN v3.5.4 . It's OK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the plugin by barkbark00's suggestion. This plugin writes text on a spiral. I wish you use together other Text Fomations Family. Menu Effects -> Text Formations -> SpiralText enjoy! How to use Warning You can not use some fonts in this plugin.(it does not support font style "Regular") If you choice it , pop-up window for error message opens . click "ok"
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