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  1. TechnoRobbo's Pixel Sharpener V2.0 This is the real deal. Use it on that photograph that you thought you messed up. Menu: Effects-> Photo v2.0 adds horizontal and deblurring and larger deblurring range These are actual examples - try it for yourself. (My Apologies to Hillary Clinton) The Code // Submenu: Photo // Name: TR's Pixel Sharpener // Title: TR's Pixel Sharpener - v2.0 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo]http://www.technorobbo #region UICode double Amount1 = 0.75; // [0,1] Sharpen Amount int
  2. Download from my plugin set
  3. TechnoRobbo's FilmStrip make a proofsheet style image from a video V1.0.2 adds keywords and preview for The Plugin Browser V1.0.1 Fixes a with slider Menu: Effects->Photo Video found at Internet archive https://ia600405.us.archive.org/24/items/ADaysPleasure/ADaysPleasure_512kb.mp4 The Plugin and the Windows Media Player Support Files (install all 3 files in the effects folder) TRsFilmStripPlgIn.zip
  4. TechnoRobbo's SelfEeZ v1.0.2 WebCam Capture Update v1.0.2 Self Timer Added v1.0.1 fixes multi camera selection Captures Images from a webcam directly into Paint.net. (FYI - XP webcams may not work on Windows 7) Menu: Effects->Photo The Plugin TRsSelfeez.zip
  5. TR's SphereCuber Spherical View to Cube View Converter Menu: Effects -> Photo Converts a Spherical View Image into 6 Files representing: UP View Down View Left View Right View Front View Back View Output files can be used to create a skybox in 3D Graphics Also - prove Columbus wrong - the world is flat!!!! The Plugin TRsSphereCuber.zip The VS Source Code for Programmers TRsSphereCuberSrc.zip
  6. I prefer to sharpen my photos with unsharp mask, because of finer results compared to built-in sharpen effect. So far I had to use other programs for that operation. Switching between programs is annoying - so I decided to learn the code and design a plugin with features I need. Hope you find it useful too. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 3.1 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations. Updated to version 3 (2008-08-31)! Changes: Threshold control is re-designed to
  7. This plugin is designed to fix excessively contrasty photos, by brightening shadows and/or darkening highlights. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 2.2 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations; moved to Photo submenu. Updated to version 2.1 (2008-08-31)! Changes: - Plugin now starts with default settings loaded (shadows: 100; smoothing 50) - Compatibility fix for paint.net 3.36 Changes in version 2 (2007-09-20): - Improved core algorithm produce
  8. This filter make sharpen blurred images. For refocusing uses algorithm with deconvolution element. Use for recovery small defocused photos. Locate in menu Effects->Photo->Refocusing Simple Deconvolution. RefocusingSDe.zip
  9. Here is something to play with! Download as part of my plugin pack. Open from Effects>Photo Updated to v1.1 (2009-07-08)! Few usability improvements: * Default color for channel mixer is fixed to a certain green (rgb:76,150,29) in order to produce "standard" gray balance * Removed the "Enable" check box for channel mixer, as now you can return to standard gray by using channel mixer's reset button * Default color for Tint is primary color (was secondary before) The slider controls are same as in my Basic Adjustments pl
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