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  1. Thanks to the new Codelab plugin, the Beta version of PowerStretch 2.0 is available. Now BoltBait will get his kids smiling in few seconds. The previous version of PowerStretch is still available (see below). Download >> Power Stretch 1.0 -Improved performance (good even with large photos) -Improved rendering quality -Random pixels bug fixed (perhaps not completely, but they are now very unlikely to appear) Have fun. Pyjo. Let's see some example of this distort plugin. With PowerStretch you can make an egg without being a he
  2. Motion Sharpen Distort Effect Plugin What's this? This is a plugin under Effect/Distort menu. You know the motion blur effect, you should also know the Sharpen effect. I've tryed here to create a Motion Sharpen effect. Instead blurring while moving, it will sharpen the image... It's not perfect, but you could use it with text and title to give some relief... Download it! Plugin MotionSharpen.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186
  3. Donut distortion Effect Plugin What's this? It would be more handy if I can find some good math skills to help me with sinus & co. formulas. Don't hesitate to PM if you like to solve my problem! I'm not really happy with this distortion effect as I've not find the correct formula to apply what I had in mind. But for now it gives some good results enough to be published. How does it works? The initial idea was to distort the image by a rotation between 2 circles and so create something like a Donut aspect. This is to illustrate the i
  4. From a newbie, this is a port of some HLSL FX code that I wrote for a Kaleidoscope Effect for Windows Movie Maker 6.0; I just wanted to see how the Paint.Net coding tool Code Lab works and to get some experience with Paint.net and the C# language. It is a similar, but a bit different than the Kaleidoscope Effect that Madjik submitted around 2008. This one adds a center point selector and a source angle rotater. The pie shaped selection is just the image swept out by rotating clockwise 360/n degrees. It is missing Madjik's copy all over all option, show single piece etc. Also the edge
  5. Dissolve 'Tis my first plugin! What Does It Do: It does exactly what the name implys, it dissolves one image onto another. What Does It Look Like: Screenshots: Image A --> Image B --> Final Image --> (Default settings used.) Download the DLL >> Dissolve.zip Source code (for programmers >> DissolveSRC.zip Updates: 10/1/09 - Plugin updated. Picture now changes when file path is changed. 8/29/09 - Screenshots added. 8/29/09 - Code updated with code from Simon Brown.
  6. Here is the plugin you've been waiting for!!! Just kidding. This is a plugin I developed for a specific purpose, that I decided to release in case anyone has a use for it. As the Help menu says: Offset Alternating Stripes offsets alternating stripes of pixels selected distances. Stripe Width is the width of the stripes in pixels. Odd Offset is the number of pixels to offset the first stripe and all other odd numbered stripes. Even Offset is the number of pixels to offset the second stripe and all other even numbered stripes. Stripe Phase moves the point at which the first stripe begins.
  7. TechnoRobbo's Reverse Fisheye v1.0 Removes or reduces the fisheye distortion to produce a panoramic image. This plugin was developed while assisting another user. It got some reps and downloads so I decided to publish it. There were 2 algorithms I developed - Linear and Circular. Which one you use is up to you. Image Attributions: Jimee at en.wikipedia Cezary Piwowarski National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Codelab Source Code (for programmers) Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: TR's ReverseFishEye // Title: TR's ReverseFishEye
  8. TechnoRobbo's & Ego Eram Reputo's Drum Skin A Plugin that Re-Maps Rectangular Images into Circular Images. Originally designed for Bass Drum Skin Text http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28071-how-to-make-text-into-a-circle/?p=406359 v1.4 - PDN 3.5 Compatible Menu: Effects->Distort V1.1 Video The Code: Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: TR's & EER's Drum Skin // Title: TR's & EER's Drum Skin - v1.3 // Author: TechnoRobbo & Ego Eram Reputo // URL: http://www.technorobbo.com #region UICode double Amount1 =
  9. Name: ClipDisplace Description: Uses the clipboard image tone to distort the current layer. Menu: Effects/Distort Release date: 13th October 2015 Author: Red ochre .dll names: ClipDisplaceAA (This version only works on Pdn4.0.8+)- previously called just "ClipDisplace" ClipDisplace3_5_11 (works on Pdn 3.5.11 and probably Pdn4 too, but does not use the clipboard opacity) Please choose the relevant .dll ClipDisplaceAA.zip Updated version with smoothing thanks to "MJW" ClipDisplace3_5_11.zip Note: Both versions available via my plugin pack here:Red
  10. TechnoRobbo's FreeWarp v1.9.2 TR’s FreeWarp (short for TechnoRobbo’s Freestyle Warp) was designed for the artist to intuitively reshape an image by stretching it’s detail. The math employed was a built from the ground up as deliberate departure from Beier-Neely’s Algorithm and the standard mesh warp, Allowing the stretching to be arbitrary. Version 1.92 adds AutoSave and more internal stuff. Version 1.91 adds an Opacity adjustment and some internal stuff Version 1.9 adds a Warp Curvature adjustment and preview Version 1.8 Fixes Undo Version 1.7.1 Cursor Scaling Fix. Version
  11. Screen Pixel This is an update to @Bleek II's ScreenPixel plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Distort -> Screen Pixel Features Takes a image and breaks it into RGB components. Control the opacity of the RGB Automatically apply correct (3x) pixelation cell size. (e.g. if your RBG size is 2, a pixelation amount of 6 will be applied) Changelog v1.1 by toe_head2001 (Feb 24, 2015) New: added the ability to reduce the opacity from 255; defaults at 100. New: Pixelation is now built in, and can b
  12. For info see this post: Tom Jackson's Excellent Fire Tutorial Simon Brown has created a similar plugin here. Mine is different. For my plugin, the user (that's you) will need to draw a black to white gradient in the general shape you want the flames before running the effect. Download here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318- How to install plugins: http://boltbait.googlepages.com/install If that doesn't work, post your troubles here: This plugin shows up under the Effects > Distort menu as "Burninate". I believe Trogdor would approve. Source code here: using S
  13. Point Warp This is simply a rebuild of @Illnab1024's original plugin to make it compatible with paint.net v4. All credit goes to him. I've also reduced the source code from a Visual Studio project to a CodeLab script. Effects -> Distort -> Point Warp Features Applies a 'point warp' at a given location on the image. It's basically bulge but in the horizontal plane instead of the vertical. Changelog v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Aug 20, 2015) Changed: Minor Changes to the source code to make it CodeLab compatible. v1.1 by Illnab1024
  14. TechnoRobbo's Radial Extruder Invented to create perfectly circular images for custom controls, it turned out to create interesting effects, so I posted it. Version 1.1 includes Extend to Border feature. (Special thanks to Red Ochre for the idea) version 1.2 includes Subdivide Reverse Rotation Reverse Overlap Flip (image) Shift (slices) Menu: Effects ->Distort CodeLab Source Code Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: TR's Radial Extruder // Title: TR's Radial Extruder - v1.2 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo.co
  15. Technorobbo's Fish Eye 2.2 v2.2 adds color cast to highlight and specular control v2.1 fixes a bug in the highlight V2.0 adds shadow, rotation and specular highlight It's not a Bulge Filter. It takes your image, creates a Pixel Cloud then maps it via the Pythagorean theorem. Then renders it using a standard 3D Mapping algorithm. Here is a Youtube tutorial http://youtu.be/DOOwh8ul3gc V2 Demo http://youtu.be/oqaHRlxdARs Here's the code: Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: TR's Fish Eye // Title: Fish Eye - v2.2 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: h
  16. Download from my plugin set Effects > Distort > Jitter You absolutely must be using the latest version of Paint.NET (3.10) to use this plugin. This plugin "Jitters" each row of pixels by a random amount. The angle, width of the rows, intensity of the effect, spacing between jittered rows, and edge-behavior are all adjustable. You can also toggle antialiasing. Something interesting you can do with this (very rough; I made it in 5 minutes based on a very old sig of mine): Download from my plugin set
  17. TechnoRobbo's Intensity Warp Re-map pixels within an image by the intensity. One of these "what if" things us programmers do. I wanted to use little or no trig to create the image. Ended up looking cool. 100% CodeLab. Version 1.3.0 adds these features suggested by Red Ochre Load from Clipboard( tile and stretch) Zoom Background Image Load image displays "All Images" as default Hidden Content: Version 1.2.0 ability to shift pattern , tiled and stretched custom texture option Version 1.1.2 Fixes a re-entry bug- Thank You to Red Ochre Version 1.1.1 adds
  18. A new twist on the Twist. Rotate your image in slices. (The Original twist makes the image unrecognizable.) Video instructions - http://youtu.be/Q6fPxBzQ4w8 This image was done with a round selection. (Mona's one Twisted sister.) Distort -> Layer Cake Bug Fix -Version 1.1 Fixes Zero Rotation Issue 10:38 AM Wednesday, June 12, 2013 (UTC) The Code: Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: Layer Cake // Title: Layer Cake - v1.1 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo #region UICode double Amount1 = 0;//[-10,10]Rotation double Amou
  19. Gravity Effect Plugin What's this? This is a plugin under Effect/Distort menu. The function of this effect is to group the pixels as if they are sand. Every pixel can't stand up if the pixel above is transparent and falls till it meets a solid pixel (non transparent). You could place the gravity on each side of the image. Download it! Plugin Gravity.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to ins
  20. Technorobbo's Pixel Puller Designed to be a companion piece to the Pixel Pusher Pull the image around to emphasize or de-emphasize perspective. V1.1 faster code - Extreme warping Menu: Effects->Distort ToyTiger The 3 Zebra Stooges The Menagerie The Code Hidden Content: // Submenu: Distort // Name: TR's Pixel Puller v1.1 // Title: Pixel Puller - v1.1 // Author: TechnoRobbo // URL: http://www.technorobbo.com #region UICode Pair<double, double> Amount1 = Pair.Create( 0.0 , 0.0 )
  21. Oblique Effect Plugin What's this? This is a plugin under Effect/Distort menu. This effect will enable you to incline texts or images, vertically horizontally or both using the sliders. (only the second line of text is changed by this effect) Be aware some specifications: - If X alone or Y alone = 1.0, it corresponds to 45° oblique angle. - if part of the tilted image leaves on a side, it reappears on the other. - calculation is made from the center of the image. - if you apply the effect several times and apply same effect
  22. Page Curl Effect Plugin What's this? This is a plugin under Effect/Distort. This plugin will create a curl on the corner you choose. The curl is based on the size of the selection area. So if you want a smaller curl, make first a rectangle selection at the place you want your curl. You could choose the color and the transparency of the curl... It works best with no selection or rectangular selection. Download it! Plugin PageCurl.dll Here is the DLL The MadJik's All plugins package is available ! http://forums.getpaint
  23. Tiles Reflexions X & Y Plugin What's this? Based directly on the code of Tiles Reflections plugin from Paint.net source (vers. 3.10)... Just few ideas to implement in a next Paint.net version... ( nb: since then some functions are now inculed in the built-in effect, except the X/Y distinction! ) The square size is from 1 to 5000px. The curvation is from -5000 to 5000 allowing more spectacular effects (IMO). And you could choose each value (angle, size, curvature) separatly for X and Y. Try it ! This plugin is added to the me
  24. Download from my plugin set Effects > Distort > Stitch Certain combinations of angles give a less-than-desirable effect, including having no effect at all. I'm aware of the issue, but currently have no plans to fix it. Just try switching the values of the 2 angle controls. Download from my plugin set
  25. Thermal Heat Map What's this? This plugin creates a heat map from an input image. Like this: Where do I find it? After installation, this plugin resides in the Effects > Distort submenu. How does it work? The plugin uses the intensity of the source image to create the map. Bright or light regions of the source image are interpreted being more intense, and are rendered in hotter colors. Dim or dark regions are interpreted as less intense, and therefore rendered in cooler colors. Transparent or semi transparent areas of the source image are interpreted
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