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  1. Red ochre plugin pack 10.1 Released 6th March 2017 Here is an installer (written and kindly shared by Boltbait) This version is for Pdn 4 ONLY InstallRedochrePack10_1.zip Download (Installer) Here is the zipped folder of .dlls for more experienced users. All the .dlls should work on both Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4+ except 'ClipDisplaceAA.dll', this will not work on Pdn3.5.11, please use 'ClipDisplace3_5_11.dll' instead. Both .dlls in the zipped folder, please don't install both! Red ochre v10_1 plugin pack.zip Download (DLLs)
  2. A while back I installed a plugin that allowed you to adjust noise size, I believe it was called something like "Add Noise+". However, I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Does anyone know which plugin this might be?
  3. MadJik All plugin pack v4.21e for paint.net version 4.0.6 and + This is the magical plugins mega pack (MadJik All plugins I meant)... It is 78 plugins in one pack! You have three ways to download this pack: 1. Here is the ZIP for plugin manager Pack of DLLs 2. Here is the ZIP Pack of DLLs 3. Or you could follow the links below one by one plugin per plugin… You could also ask me for a link to download the sources: PM me! I would like to address special thanks to @BoltBait who maintain and im
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it @n d described the technique of creating original images in the topic Shaped gradient - my first plugin. Required plugin: Shaped Gradient by @n d Additional plugins: Cell Texture by @davidf Radial Prism by @Xhin I used 600x450 px canvas in all variations. Variant 1 Create a New () Image. With the Paintbrush () Tool of size 50, apply a few dots to the canvas. Select dots using the Magic Wand () Tool in Global () Flood
  5. Welcome to the forum @john01 I'm betting the plugin was Smooth Noise. It has options to control both the width and height of the noise 'cells'. Auto Chrome Noise has a size control which affects the width of the 'grains'. My other thought was Local Noise.
  6. This tutorial shows how you can use @Sepcot's Clouds plugin to render noise with control on noise size.
  7. I don't think Add Noise+ has ever existed. Smooth Noise?
  8. I'm looking for a brush/tool which is essentially the pencil tool, but you can define an amount of deviation for saturation, hue and lightness. Then when using it, it paints each pixel to a random color within the ranges. Is there an addon or something that has this? Edit: Clarification
  9. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it. This is a rewritten MSNBC Style Effect tutorial by @m2lucky. It's very old, but still an interesting effect. This is the final result from @m2lucky's tutorial: Plugins Required: Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod Clouds by @Sepcot Pixelate+ by @pyrochild Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild Feather by @BoltBait 1. Create a New () image with the desired size. I used a size of 600x450 px. 2. Set the default colors () in the Colors window. Run the Clouds
  10. Thank you @ReMakefor reviving this tutorial (and thank you @m2lucky for the original!) Clever use if @Sepcot's clouds as alternative for noise with size control. A couple of things I think you may want to amend in your instructions: - In step 6, the yellow colour hex value should be given as FFFC00, not FFFFC0. - In step 11, set the secondary colour to black, not white.
  11. inserting text and I can't seem to get it sharp like a vector - I know there are online free tools to do it but the only answer in paint.net I can see is having a huge canvas and huge text - I've tried the AA assistant plug in and noise but I can't get sharp edges in text!
  12. TechnoRobbo's Plugin Pak Download Click on the Plugin Title to go to the Original Posting TRs Displacement Map 3D TR's ZigZag TR's Tesla Coil Plugin TR's Star Filter (Glamour Shot Filter) TR's Scatter Plugin v1.0 TR's Cloud Control Plugin V1.2 Tessellation Combo V2.0 Noise Bleacher Line Tracer Plugin Layer Cake Plugin Full Spectrum Posterizer P
  13. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it @LionsDragon requested a tutorial on this after I posted an image in my gallery. @TrevorOutlaw made a comment that it needed more scattered 'air bubbles' and I agreed. So went my pursuit to see if I could accomplish it and make it better. We will be making this: Plugins needed: Dpy's AA's Assistant Built-in Noise Josh's Fuzzy Edge Detector Red's Tone Angle Gradient Pyrochild's Curves+ KrisVDM's Drop Shado
  14. I learned a new way to make a gold ring! Thank you @ANONYMISS. I was not sure where to apply the Shape3D plugin after using the Render Torus since I was not getting the same effect so I just skipped it. But using Shape3D alone without Torus also renders a nice ring. I like how simple getting the base color is with just starting with a flat "yellowy" gradient. My steps involved Rotate by Torus, Applied Noise without grayscale, Metallize and Glow.
  15. I ran into this problem when I was using Paint.net to make some images. For some reason, when I export images, there is a white border around the edges of the image. I don't know if it is the anti-aliased, but it keeps showing up and ruining the look of the image. I have an example of this happening: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/742738876766093322/742842144225755227/test.png?width=475&height=475
  16. Hello friends! Today I'll be showing you how to use PDN to emulate Pool Caustics. First things first: what are Pool Caustics? A caustic is just a fancy word for the little shimmery light thingies you see under water. Here's an example: The big boys at NVIDIA and the other graphics folks want you to think you need to do ray tracing, and use GPUs, and simulate fluid dynamics to get these nice rings, but I'm here to tell you they're lying to you. We can do this 2000's style: back when computers only had 1 processing unit, and everyone hated Justin Bieber. All you nee
  17. another problem is how to get smooth lines like a vector - I've tried noise/median Remind me where anti-alias is - or is that another plug in
  18. Try this: Duplicate the layer you want to paint noise on. On the bottom layer of those two, use the Effects > Noise > Add Noise effect. On the top layer, "paint" using the eraser tool. When done "painting" merge the layer down.
  19. Hello, Here is a small plugin done with Codelab. It's my first plugin, I hope it will be useful for someone. If you have some feedback, don't hesitate. Nicolas JPGNoiseReduction.zip
  20. Sharp


    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it After giving flip some advice on starscapes, I decided to make a tut. 1. First step is pretty simple, fill the canvas with black, run add noise with 0 saturation. Then brightness contrast -25/75 2. Open up a new canvas that is 2x your starscape canvas, fill the canvas with black, then add noise at the same settings as earlier.. Run brightness contrast at -100/50, then run median with 100 percentile and a 1-3 radius. Next run a 1-2 px gaussian blur if you want. Now copy+paste and scale it down to your sta
  21. My take: https://imgbox.com/zjgE42Y1 1. Resize 400% (working in higher resolution might help in multiple ways. The sample was too small); 2. Sharpen max (to make text thicker); 3. Sharpen max (one might be enough, but I found this to be a bit better); 4. Pencil Sketch (tip size max, range min); 5. Resize 50% (still 200% from the source, helps with the next step a bit); 6. Levels (adjust input white to remove as much remaining noise while retaining required details, may also adjust output middle point).
  22. I remember using a multistep processing for this: - convert to grayscale; - invert image; - isolate the background levels in a separate layer (remove high-contrast stuff such as text with Median filter); - substract it from the image; - invert back; - clean up remaining noise with Levels filter (histogram there is also helpful to evaluate the quality of cleanup). I later found that there is actually one existing filter that can achieve about the same effect much easier and faster: Use Effects > Artistic > Pencil Sketch!
  23. I've been using paint.NET for years now and I know that this is probably a simple google search but I figured why not possibly help someone else out with my curiosity. So, what does noise do? I thought this was a photo editing program XD (Just kidding of course). But legit, I have no idea what it's used for.
  24. I'm looking to create an effect similar to the one below in my game (the screen effect, the blue lines/waves/thingy ): and for that I'm looking for a texture that is like that; that is, a white-black texture in polar coordinates (or at least looks like it), from the center to the outer edges. I tried to use some effects like twist and render rays together with render clouds, but I can't seem to get it; Anyone got any ideas how to make something similar to it?
  25. I couldn't help but notice that there are many PDN plugins that *utilize* Perlin noise, but none so far as I could tell, that generate it. Well, that's what this does. You can specify the size, and allowed angles of the underyling gradient that determines pixel color, as well as the color of the noise (default is black and white). It's not super glamorous, but I'm hoping cooler people than I who know how to use Perlin noise to make cool stuff can have an easier time now. Additionally, feel free to strip the Perlin function from the source code to use for your own projec
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