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Found 12 results

  1. Found DPY's Plugin Pack 8.1 One of the files has what I need. I'll check out the others you recommended. Had a fun time bringing it in. Had to disable Norton, and re-enable after unzipping. Still, the whole disk virus scan had no problem with it after installation.
  2. @lynxster4 Thanks a lot ! I managed to make it work ! The only thing I had to do different was to apply the "AA's Assistant" two or three times after the layers merge down, otherwise the "Outline Object" would just fill the whole image. I assume the AA's Assistant was the plugin found in the "dpyplugins8.1" and the Outline Object the one in the "BoltBaitPack47", I used both with the default settings. I also struggled with the Outline Object because I couldn't understand how to make the outline thicker.. then I figured you could just apply it a second time to make it bigger ? Thanks again !
  3. 2014-05-04 8.1 pack released Download All dpy's plugin works in PDN3.5.11 and PDN4.0Beta(build5226) If this is useful for you, I am glad. for Japanese people-> Download Japanese version for Russian people-> Download Russian version (8.1th set pack . This was translated by xmario . Thank you xmario . ) After you downloaded "", unzip it. There are all dll files in "dpyplugins". Please move or copy ***.dll file into your \program files\Paint.NET\effects. Menu > Adjustment Black and Alpha+ topic Changes an image into black and white , and changes brightness into transparency. Color Balance+ topic Enhanced color balance with Highlight, Shadow & Midtonal adjustments. Menu > Effects > Color Multi-Threshold topic Eenables the plural threshold. Menu > Effects > Distort Rotate_Zoom+ update! topic "Rotate/Zoom+" plugin can be selected the three types.(bicubic, bilinear, Nearest Neighbor) Menu > Effects > Distort Perspective Effect (v2.0) topic Perspective Effect and Trapezoid transform of your image by adjusting the height &/or width of the sides. Menu > Effects > Object AA's Assistant soften the edges , and adjust alpha. No topic a detailed explanation (Japanese and English) http://paintnet.web....aaassistant.htm Menu > Effects > Color Metallize topic Applies a chrome or metallic sheen to an image. Menu > Effects > Text Formations Sub menu "Text Formations" is created by installing these plugins. Text+ update! Topic specify the line spacing and drawing position ,and change Pitch of Font . Circle Text topic Writes text into a circle. Rotate Text Writes text on an angle. No topic Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .RotateText.dll .RotateTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use RotateTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that decreased Text input box) Spiral Text topic Writes text on a spiral. Wave Text topic Writes text on a sine wave. Attention there is two dll file for this effect in this setpack. .WaveText.dll .WaveTextSUI.dll Both dll is same effect , but different each UI size. If your display size is 1024x768 , please use WavwTextSUI.dll. (It is short size UI that excepted "bold" and "Italic") Speech Bubble topic Make speech bubble and writes text in it. ************************************************************************************** simple tools These are plug-in which I use for myself. Very simple, and may be useful for you. or・・・・・・Might be just a waste for you. These does not have a UI. 1px Expansion Menu > Effects > Distort This is a plug-in to help fill colors of shapes or Manga. Use to the image that was painted by "bucket" on a transparent layer. Example Hidden Content: Alpha to 0 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to zero alpha. Use when you want to keep the RGB data, as well as "eraser". Alpha to 255 Menu > Effects > Color This is set to 255 alpha. Replace the erased images by "Alpha to 0" or "eraser". Example Hidden Content: *****History***** 2014/04/28 8.0th set pack released ********* DL 1,037 2012/08/26 7.0tn set pack released ********* DL 63,393 2012/03/22 6.1th set pack released ********* DL 14,845 2012/03/10 6.0th set pack released 2011/05/22 5.2th set pack released Circle , Spiral ,and Wave Text was update. 2010/06/06 5.1th set pack released. update "Black and Alpha+" 2010/04/05 5th set pack released in celebration of the movement of the forum. Speech Bubble up date 2010/03/21 4th set pack released. added 2 new plug-ins Speech Bubble Multi Threshold 2010/03/13 3rd set pack released. update "Perspective Effect" 2010/02/27 2nd set pack released. new plugin "AA's Assistant" update "Perspective Effect" add icon "Text Formations family" These icons were created by Boude. Thank you Boude. 2009/10/25 1st set pack released.
  4. If you download, unzip it, and install only "objectfeather.dll". It sounds like that is the one you want. You might also try to get "AA's Asistant". That also does what you want. Oh, and welcome to the forum kradretfa!
  5. Hi I have a dpyplugins8.1 plugin and I don't know what directory name I should upload them to effects, file types, and do I upload the folder as well (after un-zipping) ? Thank you in advance
  6. My system is Windows 10, I have Paint.Net v4.1.6 installed and have installed some plugins, using the instructions from Paint.Net. I have downloaded and extracted dpyplugins8.1 in the "effects" folder. When I open, circle text functions are not available/active. Help??
  7. dpyplugins8.1 is shown in your screenshot as a folder. You need the '.dll' files within that folder to be directly in Effects. You can open folders but NOT the '.dll' files. 1. Double-click the dpyplugins8.1 folder and select all files within. 2. Right click and select 'Cut' from the drop-down list. 3. Select the Effects folder, right click and select 'Paste'. 4. Now when the dpyplugins8.1 folder is selected it should say it is empty - if so, it can be deleted. 5. Restart and check the new effects are working. Good luck.
  8. Followup: I reinstalied the same "" pack again today & opened/used the Perspective.dll - and no issue from Norton. This is the submission page i used if anyone has issues and want to submit a plug-in for a false positive check: TY
  9. Norton considered the "" plugin pack (15/18) as a threat on extraction from the ZIP file (amongst other plugin packs). Try it yourself & submit the dll's to for a throrough scan.. I have an acklowledgement from Norton that the FP files were received - will post results when received. Again EER , have to try to cure the disease , if not for me then others, before killing the patient. I won't spend too much time on it. But i really like some of the Plugins that "" contains, so I'll try. I believe is worth the effort. Thank You again
  10. There is a plugin here - that may or may not be of use (unless your already using it) Click on the Download in the first post. I am sure there is the option to change the direction of the rotation, can't check right now because I am on a tablet and not my PC. Hope this is of help
  11. Yes, I am still having the issue. I re-downloaded the plug-in packs again this AM from: Then first installed "BoltBaitPack41" & open withOUT issue. Then installed the "dpyplugins8.1" plug-in pack and opened 4.0.5. Bang, Norton Internet Security came up with 15/18 dlls as a threat. The three dll's NOT considered a threat by NIS were: "Rotate_Zoom+","Textplus" and "WaveText". I stopped trying with additional plugins and submitted ALL 15 of the plugins to Norton. Subsequently, I submitted "perspective.dll" (a threat dll) to and Symantec was the only resulting threat - WS.Reputation.1 - (1/57). I appreciated the feedback on this issue - however, I considered changing the virus program a last resort, In addition, many users, students or children, may Not have the option to change the virus program on school, friends, or a public computer, if the owner is using Norton. Also, I ran across this issue in a Norton forum, dated in 2011, and it just ended without any resolution... I realize Norton may have issues - I will consider another virus protection when current expires. Thank you Treat the disease, not the symptoms...
  12. I signed up because I couldn't download the file. Every time I click on the link, I get some kind of XML error screen. I included an image with part of the text. I am using Firefox on a Windows 8 computer. Thanks.