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  1. Thanks... with all the time and conversation that had passed since that post first went up, I wasn't sure that the info in it was still valid/up-to-date.
  2. Okay, I'm coming in at the end of all this, and I'm lost. Where do I find the .DLL for this plugin?
  3. Does anyone know a good technique for creating the effect that an image has been printed onto a decorative pillow or pillowcase? I'm looking to take a regular flat image and turn it into something like the attached examples. I can see that Render>Shape3D in "Half Cylinder Map" mode can sort-of maybe get me to a 3d-ish pillow shape (works better with the Lighting turned off), and Effects>Tools>Grid Warp could be used to stretch the corners of an image outwards to create the corners-of-a-pillow effect, but does anybody have any better ideas?
  4. Red ochre, thanks for confirming my suspicions. Rick: Yeah, I know, but I fear change (insert half a smiley here). Too many times I've been burned by upgrading a program or operating system to the next version and finding that half of what I knew about it no longer applies and half the add-ons and plug-ins I loved with the old version don't work under the new one. But yes, I will upgrade Real Soon Now, I promise. Does anyone know the Windows 7 technique for installing Paint.Net 4 while still keeping 3.5.11 around and usable just in case (rather than outright replacing 3.5.11 with 4)?
  5. I've just replaced the 2012 version of EdHarvey.Effects.dll with the 1/20/2014 version, and now when I start Paint.Net I don't seem to have any of the plugins in it. (E.g., soft saturation is gone, which I would have expected, but I don't have vibrance either.) Is the problem simply that I'm still using Paint.Net v3.5.11, rather than upgrading to 4? (If not, any ideas what the problem is?)
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