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  1. Simple Diamond - Video Tutorial

    If I change the color to green. It will be the sims game icon, lol. xD
  2. Making a moon

    I was looking for something like in the second link. Red big giant round lava ball. xD But the first one will be nice for effects so, it will be nice if there tutorial for it too.
  3. Glow Beam/Light Beam

    What pdnnoob said. Anyway, I make that signature background completely random (Pretty much I smash random thing until that created) so, I cannot remember how did I make it, lol. I will need to try re-create it if possible and make the tutorial later when I have the time.
  4. Making a moon

    Planet: Done Moon: Done Next: Sun xD Anyway, great tutorial. It look like the real one and I am impressed by it.
  5. Exploding planets

    I add a new layer. Use cloud (Purple and red) then change the layer properties to overlay.
  6. Audio wave / Audio spectrum

    Edited and updated. I lost all my picture after updated.
  7. Glow Beam/Light Beam

    Edited and updated the tutorial. I lost all the picture when updated. Sorry because I do not have any examples of what else can be done with it from me at the moment but you can look at SAND33P work as example.
  8. Photoshop background?

    Wow. I never think about the second picture like that. Thank you, though. I might can do it too. I will take the hard way then I changed it to PS background since it might be created by PS and sorry about that.
  9. This is just for laugh so, do not take it too seriously. Enjoy.
  10. Yeah, after a few month gone. I'm back. Anyway, is there tutorial or any way to create background that same or alike in the picture?. plugins or what the background style called?. Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance. Yes, these picture wasn't created by me. It was requested by me and someone do it for me.
  11. The Introduction Thread.

    @Kero - Hello & nice signature.
  12. Audio wave / Audio spectrum

    I know this is a late reply but... @DrewDale - Nice one and thank you.
  13. Audio wave / Audio spectrum

    @Djisves - Eh... I was stupid xD @Ego Eram Reputo - Thank you because removing it for me.
  14. Audio wave / Audio spectrum

    Oh, I do not know that but as safety I will remove the link from the post.