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  1. Try this one: http://expirebox.com/download/5ea061ced486fa47660b3e47c970294a.html (only available for two days) This is basically a blank template for VS 2013 Express that was fixed so it can be compiled out of the box. I already solved this problem temporary by going back to the previous version of Paint.Net (3.5.11). But it could also be tried if 4.0 is installed just to see if anyone runs into any problems with this.
  2. Well the best solution that I can find for now is find the DLLs and App Extention files of the previous version of Paint.Net (3.5.11), and find out if that works or not.
  3. Okay here it is... http://prntscr.com/3zs9it The dotted lines is where the GUI is supposed to be at. Clicking and dragging the re-sizing handles on the dotted lines makes the Window go further down and right. I did not have this problem when having version 3.5.11 (or the last 3.x installed) installed. This is using VS2013 on Windows 8.
  4. Okay so Paint.Net 4.0 was officially released and in Visual Studio, every time I try to re-size the dialog window, it tends to fly to the lower right to a point where I can't see it anymore whenever I drag to reside window or type in a value to do it. The result seems to be the same. Tried using different versions like 2010 and 2013 and the result was still the same. I was either going to find an work around or just use CodeLab for now until it gets fixed.
  5. What I have also forgot to add is, that the fact that the Render procedure is called many times, and I palced a lot of sin/cos calculations in there too, making the results very slow. I've also discovered OnSetRenderInfo which was supposed to be ran one time only, but I'm not too sure how it works, and where it's placed. I did look at source codes to other plugins, but I must assume that's it's more of an older version of the code.
  6. I recently started using Visual Studio for my plugin development too. Because the distort plugin I made in CodeLab, is very slow, and impossible to complete on very large pictures(~2000px). Yeah I can understand that VS version is harder to use than CodeLab but I'm still looking forwards it just to see if I run into any problems. There was a suggestion I had about updating a template to include sample variables that can be manipulated by form controls, and then passed on to the bitmap result. A Scroll bar that determines the % between the black and white on the picture for example in which
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