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  1. I entered in those exact setting, w/ gradient, and it won't seem to get the same effect as yours.
  2. Without blurring it? Also, how do I enlarge it with percents (like so, if I want to enlarge an image by 200%, how would I do so?)
  3. Mine came out pretty well. Nice tutorial.
  4. Please? I happened to find this on Google images, and loved the font, but never could find it. Help please? Edit: I found the font I was searching for, please disregard this message.
  5. As in a Camo effect? I'd l'd like a desert type of camo. I searched plugins for it, nothing happened.
  6. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/164/4/a/rainbow_text_wallpaper_by_demondave999-d53dtzo.png - Example
  7. I've seen multiple photos of rainbows in text and stuff. An example, I want something like it was done in the back of this text. And simply how to make a rainbow. I've searched for plugins, none fit my needs.
  8. Mind putting the formulas in writing so we can copy and paste them?
  9. Or is there another way to layer mask? (I'm used to photoshop)
  10. I'm trying help others and looking for help.

  11. If I understood correctly, you want a animated picture to be still, and then be able to switch around the animations? Well, if I did I don't think it's possible to do this unless you have all of the previous pictures, and if you have all the animated layers seperated. You could possibly seperate them manually by selecting those parts by using the magic wand tool.
  12. Since I'm from Photoshop and they have lighting effects, I'm wondering if I can make a light focus on one direct object, and the surrounding objects are blackened out a bit. Please link me to a plugin.
  13. Post here if you have any good font suggestions! It can be any font, from pixel to graffiti, from simple to simply abstract. Any good font you can think of! Unless it's something like times new roman, or a pre-loaded one. I just need some good suggestions. :-)
  14. I recommend taking a look at the 'Plugin' page of the forum.
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