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  1. Thank you I have a bit more equipment since those pictures were taken, so I can eliminate reflections and lens flare so I don't have to worry about editing that stuff out in the post-processing thankfully.
  2. Hello, My name is Darcy. I joined here from a referral on another forum, Sixthsphere.com . I am interested in looking into a more advanced photo editor, coming from Picasa, to paint.net. I haven't downloaded this program just yet, as I'm at work, but I will be downloading it once I get home and exploring into the features of what I can do. Photography-wise, I'll be looking into doing more automotive photography than anything, and learning how to use my DSLR I purchased a while back. Below are some of my photos I've taken in the past, as an example to my "new to photography" kinda situati
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