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  1. But then you only get one part of the skin color and if you would use that it stays one colour and it looks really fake i really need something to blend it in with the skin colour
  2. Ofcourse! i'm a bit lazy you know But yes i found it i just used the lasso tool to get the face and then copy and pasted it and disabled the layer so it would fit nice and when it was good i used the smudge tool i still tried to get the skin colour a bit right but i had no idea how to do that so i will try to figure that out
  3. What is that? could you give me a direct link? Also, i added the PSD plugin could anybody recommend me a good site to get psd files from especially without backgrounds and realistic Going to ask this real quick too, could anybody link me any good tutorial to swap faces or what you see a lot like you see a weird face and then you make that face the same for all the other people around it thansk in advance
  4. Hello and i dont mean templates i think i don't exactly know what it's called i searched clip art but then i get paintish things i'm searching for realistic things like this: Also, whenever i find an image i want it's PSD any idea how i could convert that to an PNG file? so i can get it without background
  5. Hello people, I've been trying to find transparent PNG Templates but i failed to find a good source if i googlesearch i get sitetemplates and that is not what i'm looking for I'm searching for a good source of PNG templates such as hair, masks and fun/random stuff Just anything as long as it has a transparency and it isn't a website template Greetings, Lpk44
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