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  1. I came across it here: <snip> but am hoping for a little more assurance that I have the most current version.
  2. Where is the proper place to download ChannelMixer.dll by dpy?
  3. BoltBait, First let me thank you for your tremendous contributions to the Paint.NET community. I've tried your Remove Dust plugin and decided that it might be designed for a different ppi than I'm using. What dpi should a 4 x 6 photograph be scanned to optimize the effect of your plugin? I'm scanning photographs at 300 dpi (or 600 or 1200 dpi if enlargements are desired). I'm scanning slides at 2000 dpi.
  4. I am presenting a session at a national genealogical conference next spring. The subject is historic photograph restoration within the capabilities of Paint.NET. (It is not a users' guide to Paint.NET.) If anyone is willing to give feedback about the extended syllabus (37 pages!), I would greatly appreciate it. Most of you know more about Paint.NET or photograph restoration than I do. Presentations are 60 minutes and the official syllabus can be no longer than 4 pages. I have to limit the number of topics, techniques, and plugins I mention. But I'd like to know if I've really missed the mark. The syllabus is currently in outline form, but I wanted your feedback before I reduce it to paragraph form. The syllabus in PDF format is available at Thank you very much, The Ancestry Insider