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  1. Thank you for your answers, but I definitely have no virus on my computer. My question was, when I install paint.net the first time, which files are then in the folder? I do not want to delete and reinstall my paint.net, as I had some other plugins already installed before megalo and I do not want to hate to search for it, find the right version, etc. I have documented, which plugins I installed before Megalo, so best way for me would be to know what is the standard in these two folders after someone has installed it. And this is my problem. you hat so many plugins I have the feeling it would last my annual leave to go through the plugins. As I do not know the name and as my mother tongue is not English, it is really difficult to find the plugin I'm looking for me and my children. I was working with photoshop, then I started to work with children many years ago and there we could work with photoshop elements. And there I was used to a plugin base by themes. A good time ago I started to work in my free time with disadvantaged children. We have donated computers and I changed to paint.net and was happy to find it, as I think you have more possibilities than with photoshop elements and I'm very thankful to the work done here by so many people. My only problem is I think we could do far more, if I would find the right plugins. And my children love it, too. We have already three of them who got an internship, with paint.net as little reason they have now a good official training space as different craftsmen. The firms had more internships and the children from me showed the master craftsmen, that they could do logos, photos and presentations for smaller regional craft fairs. An having the choice between two trainees which are both good at work, but one can also do presentations, you could guess who was chosen. One cild finished the education for his job and works now self-employed offering presentations for fairs for small firms. He has already two employees. Therefore I made the suggestion to start a list for the plugins by theme. I just knew and loved this at Photoshop Elements many years ago, when you could buy a version licence. I know the nerds will find any plugin they need, but for the normal people using Paint.net as wonderful software in their free time it is really hard to find the right plugin.
  2. Hello, I'm sorry for all people here offering such wonderful plugins for free and now I read here that this bundle with all the plugins is illegal. I must admit this plugin package was offered by some websites of some German Computer magazins and therefore it did not came in my mind that there might be something wrong. I came here because I installed the Melago package and was overwhelmed. I thought it is something official you did, because as maker/producer the official paint.net Website was linked. So I came her in the hoped that I might get here more information what each plugin does, e.g. a list. I'm a little confused now. As I wrote the Mengalo Plugin pack is offered by the websites of some German Computer magazines, one of them is a really good one also computer scientists read (magazine and online). All things they offer for download are checked for all malware/virus. The only offer virus free downloads. I checked my computer and there was no virus alert. But with all the warnings here in panic, I asked my brother, who is a computer scientist working for a German world wide working company and big international companies and governmental institutions are their costumers. He told me the warnings of malware might be a wrong alert. They had this more and more often in the last four years when they send their costumers updates. There is malware with algorithms very similar to algorithms used when packing bundles. So some antivirus software give warnings when unpacking or installing this bundle. And you can imagine after such an alert often virustotal is used and the result is, some say there is malware, others not. In case of my brothers company with e. g. also big international insurance companies and even secret services involved by the governmental institutions they did not find a malware, but only the problem of the similarity in the algorithms. My brother checked my PC and everything is ok. But I can say this only for the Melago plugin bundle I downloaded from the German computer magazine. So of course there might be a malware in other bundles. The reason I write is, that there are so many different warnings at the virustotal and other antivirus software, that the explaination my brother told me might be right. So, now to my problem: I do not want to have installed something illegal, but which of the plugins are in the in the effects when I install Paint.net? I have a documentation which plugins I downloaded here. So I would delete all other plugins in the effects folder and after that I would install the plugins from here. Another suggestion: I know all plugins are free and voluntary work. But perhaps it is possible that e. g. some here can do a special plugin list. I know there is an alphabetically one. But many people starting using paint.net are similar users to formally photoshop elements users. It would be wonderful to have a list to special plugin themes. I do not know whether there is a classification for plugins - ok here I see my problems, that I do not have an English knowledge in this field. I hope you can understand what I mean. It would also be nice if such a thread is only for the list, no discussion. Only if there is an update there should be a short post, deleted when a new update is announced. So it would be easy to find the plugins that might fit. I was happy to see the Melago bundle at the PC magazine and so I thought that I can try some plugins and my idea was to delete the plugins I think I would not need for my work. I admit for me it is difficult to find here a plugin for a special purpose I had in mind. But at first I will be happy if you help me desinstalling the plugins from the Melago bundle without deleting the plugins paint,net usually has installed and leaving the plugins installed I had installed from here. sanni
  3. Thank you to both of you. I tried aroud with both. Each has posotive and negative sides. But I can work with them in a good way. I wish all a happy new year. @Eli For me being a teacher is the best job in the world. But thank you you aprecciate this job, It is nice to read.
  4. Hello and again sorry for my bad English, is there a plugin doing this automatically? In former times when using photoshop elements, there was a plugin for a colour photo. The photo was then black and white and only one part, eg. a rose stayed red. I know this either by clicking on a part oftthe photo and the plugin itself knows then, what to colour, e.g. the rose. Another possibility is that the plugin shows some parts of the photo, that can be coloured, e.g. one car on a street, da tree on the photo... and then you only select which suggested part you want to colour and then say in which color. I know you can do that per hand with layers, eg. but I'm asking for a quick method for hobby. Or lets better say for my work as a teacher. So the students get a focus on the searched item/vocybulary, but also see the rest of the photo and we can talk about it. So I do not need professional photo quality but a plugin that does this quick and ok. Many greetings and thank you for any hint in advance Oh, I just want to say I tried it by using the search with "selective colour effects" but I did not find a thing or let's better say maybe I did not understand what was said there.
  5. Hello, sorry my vocabulary is not so good in such special things. I changed from Photoshop Elements to Paint.NET and love it. There is one thing I would like to do, but I cannot find a solution. E.g. I select a red area in a photo with the magic wand tool. Then I want to reduce it exactly by 2 pixel around and fill the selected area then with lets say blue. After that the formally complete red area is now blue with a 2 pixel red border around it. Another thing is I open a new plain picture, do a circle selection with the tool Ellipse Select, fill it red. Then I want to reduce the selection by e.g. 10 Pixel around and fill the rest with another color. I it possible to do do such a reducing or expanding of a selection by pixel?
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