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  1. My contribution Computer adapted from this http://library.albany.edu/usered/webeval/au/au4.html Earth texture from here http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/image/earth_night.jpg
  2. Hi minners71. thank you for the welcome, so nice to have greetings from here
  3. nitenurse79 - I really like perspective in text and yours is really good, love the colour and layout of yours completely. - 1 point. Noswad - to agree with DrewDale, it would be a lot better without that green splatter, the rest is really nice. - 0 point. nitenurse79 - 2 Noswad - 0 Sahsa..
  4. Thank you Welshblue - I hope to participate Thank you for the welcome Helen Your sig is mighty cool Sasha..
  5. I would welcome a tutorial for sure Sasha..
  6. Thank you Welshblue. Can anyone on here enter competitions? or do you have to be around for a while first? Sahsa..
  7. How did you do that earth wallpaper? that is awesome.
  8. Hi all. New to this program and of course new to this forum. I hope to get involved on here and join in the fun Sasha..
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