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  1. FINALY fixed it.... The Temp folder / local folder was incrypted,,, however its the ONLY program EVER that has made troubles :o) Thanks for the helt :o)
  2. Tried COPYING folder from programs, and add em on my machine. From a vista machine 32bit.. When running then it say it need the underneath line, but it is there at wont install. It tells a never version IS installed.. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packag
  3. tried installing in safemoda and got that error :o) Downloaded it form this website, and filehippo and third place... same error on both computers
  4. Hi... nu virus, not work in safemode, gets another error in safemode. Ive using many programs, and no errors... only paint.net. MY guess, something in paint.net installing process not working good, since its on 2 well kept laptops. Redownloaded from 3 other places, not working... Maybee a portable paint.net would work... the error in safemode error 1601 Der kunne ikke opnås adgang til tjenesten Windows Installer. Dette kan ske, hvis Windows Installer er installeret forkert. Kontakt din supportafdeling for at få hjælp.
  5. 2 computers, upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 pro danish windows 8 pro prev. installed paint.net Buth encrypted BOTH get error 110 There was an error installing paint.net (110) Systemet kan ikke åbne den angivne enhed eller fil. Whats wrong ? Tried deleting folders all places Run tuneup and ccleaner... Nothing helps !
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