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  1. A miracle (?) has occurred! It seems to be working fine once again. Don't know how or why, but VERY happy it did. Thanks to those who offered suggestions. Debbie
  2. Thank you. I will check into that. I don't know that anything has changed on my computer other than that Adobe update, but I will do the Task Manager thing. Thanks for that advice.
  3. Thank you for the reply. But I am using the same type/size of images that I have always worked with. Even if I am trying to just "recolor" or "glow" a small 256 x 256 png icon, it still lags. Like I said, all was well a few days ago, so it's got me baffled.
  4. I have been using Paint.NET for a long time, and a few days ago I noticed a slow response when I was using the features (i.e. Affects, Adjustments, Layer Properties). Before, whenever I was making a graphic, the changes I was making would show right at the time of each and every adjustment. Now I notice that it takes several seconds to show any changes I make (i.e. if using GLOW, when adjusting radius, brightness, contrast, all adjustments lag.) Then if I get the desired look I want, it will take several seconds to render. I have not added any plug-ins or changed any settings...the only update that has been done on my laptop is an Adobe update. I am using Windows Vista, by the way. Could you give me a solution as to how to remedy this problem? Thank you for your time. Debbie