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  1. For those who didn't know (like me, until I studied the Help in response to this thread) you can rotate using the Move Selected Pixels tool by right-clicking in the selection. This also applies to the Move Selection tool. I have often wished for exactly this capability but never thought to try the right-click approach. Suggestion: rename "Move Selected Pixels" to "Move/Rotate Selected Pixels" (and similar for Move Selection), as a signal that this is possible, to signal that the capability is there. I simply assumed it was not possible.
  2. The slider represented in pdnnoob's mockup isn't long enough -- one needs the whole resolution of the 0-255 range to be available. One unit of transparency can make a significant difference, especially near the fully transparent end of the range. This could be addressed by placing the bar below the label and the numeric control. Another approach is to use a pop-up bar that is hidden until the user clicks on a numeric value, and at that point the bar pops up and allows the user to drag to a new value -- similar to a popup menu but with a slider instead of a list of discrete settings. I have used this kind of design before in crowded property dialogs; it affords nice drag & drop access to various value types without extensive gobbling of real estate.
  3. That's one common case. More generally, this would be useful for recoloring any non-aliased polygon, line, or arc.
  4. I know that I can click repeatedly to accumulate selection or fill. This request is to eliminate the multiple clicks required in cases as described in my post. Regarding efficiency/performance, the region and/or fill calculation would not necessarily have to happen for each mouse movement. Presumably it needs to be happen only when a new region is entered. This would be no slower than the current process of clicking each such region manually.
  5. Selecting or filling a region of non-uniform color is a common need. Adjusting tolerance is one approach, but I find that it is often problematic. Sometimes you have to play with the tolerance to get the right value. (New paint bucket features described for 4.0 should help a lot with this.) Other times there is no single tolerance value that will give the desired results. I wish that the paint bucket would simply behave like a real paint bucket in the sense that I could drag it through adjacent regions to fill them all with the same color value. This would give the same result as clicking in each of these regions in turn, but it would be faster and easier, especially in cases involving small or narrow bands of color that are difficult to distinguish visually. I come across such situations frequently. The same thinking would apply to the magic wand. I imagine accomplishing this by perhaps holding down Ctrl or some other modifier key as I do my dragging. This would not interfere with expected behavior by people who have trouble clicking without moving the mouse.
  6. I have often wished for the ability to select or fill regions that are connected at pixel corners instead of along pixel edges. For example, with such an ability one could easily recolor an angled single-pixel line (assuming it was not aliased, of course). To accomplish this, I imagine a new checkbox "[ ] Diagonals" added to the Paint Bucket and Magic Wand toolbars.
  7. Huge thumbs up for the original request. I'd be very happy for one of these: - moving the default Layer Properties window away from the middle of the screen - having the Layer Properties window appear in the location I last closed it - making the Layer Properties unnecessary (for me) by adding a transparency slider to the Layers palette I'd be so happy I'd probably donate (yet again) to PDN.