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  1. Okay, I just found out that the png file is being changed to a jpeg at Minus where I upload my pictures. But even when I post directly to blogger, from my hard-drive, I get the same result. The white border still shows. However, when I posted the same image to another website it was transparent. So it seems to be blogger that is not compatible with transparency.
  2. I couldn't remove "JPG,"because I can't see it in the file name, only png. I'm with blogger, so I'm not sure if it supports transparency or not. No, my browser is Firefox.
  3. No luck. I tried again with an image that started out as a png. Then I did the magic wand thing and surrounded it with the checkerboard. Saved it as a png file, and when I tried to post it on my blog, it still had the white background. The background was only invisible when I layered it over another image in Is there something I'm missing here.
  4. Thanks everyone, for the help. I'll follow through on your suggestions.
  5. I checked that just now, and the file is still a png. Here is the image. This forum has a white background so the area around the image looks transparent, but my blog has a darker background and the white border shows up around it. If you click on the view image option in your browser, the image opens in a new window and it has a white background.
  6. It's a png file, and the website accepts that. It's really quite puzzling.
  7. I find that this works well when incorporating the image into another picture on Paint.Net, but when I try to post the image on another website, such as a blog, the background is no longer invisible but white again.