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  1. As far as I can tell, it is still broken rather badly in v3.5.10. I've got a 16MP camera, with bitmap images on the order of 3456x4608 pixels, and when I try to work with e.g. "2x3" fixed ratio rectangles, by "sweeping out" with the rectangle tool, I'm getting "Bounding rectangle size" with numbers like 1993x3000 and 2000x3011, rather than 2000x3000. It seems to be an artifact of "CTRL-MINUS-ing" the picture down smaller before applying the rectangle tool: If I "CTRL-PLUS" out to the point where I can see the actual pixels, then I can get the "Bounding rectangle size" ratio to be perfect. Which, in turn, suggests* to me that the rectangle tool is thinking of its rectangle as living within the "CTRL-MINUSed" small version of the picture, as displayed on-screen, rather than as living within the true full-size bitmap image [which exists somewhere out there in software never-never land]. Anyway, if you stick with a rectangle tool which considers things from the point of view of the small picture displayed on-screen, then it would be really nice if you could add an algorithm to bump the final corner point [in the true, large picture] over to the closest nearby point which provides a perfect ratio [or a closest approximation of the perfect ratio], where, in the case of a tie, maybe the algorithm could choose the point which makes [or one of the points which make] for the largest rectangle [within the true, large picture]. Thanks. *Either that, or else you're using something akin to 16-bit floats to compute the ratio...