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  1. And this is supposed to be easier than a shift command constraining the pencil tool to a straight line in one of the 8 directions? None of those commands do the thing I'm asking about. Am I mistaken in thinking that the Discussion & Questions forum is where suggestions for features in a future update go? The locked thread "Popular Feature Requests" doesn't list this feature I'm describing, so it seems appropriate.
  2. Control+D to deselect kind of makes it easier, but having the quick move from dot-pencil to straight line (itself drawn with the pencil tool, like shift+click in MSPaint) would still be very helpful. If you zoom in close enough to the maps I edit (the one above and more primarily this one) you'll see that oftentimes when editing their borders straight lines in just the 4 directions will be used quite often, as will very small segments only requiring 1-3 pixels. Anyway, my suggestion stands. Being able to draw straight lines with the pencil tools via holding 'shift' or 'control' or something would be highly useful.
  3. Not quite what I was going for. I'll edit maps like this one, where I may need to go through and change the borders or coasts of a country piece by piece. While the hotkeys 'o' and 'p' don't really take very long to switch back and forth from, it is still a few seconds longer than what is achievable in MSPaint by simply using the pencil tool and using shift to draw a short straight line. Additionally, when you use the line tool in Paint.NET it is difficult to draw a second line in near proximity to the first, as the line remains selected, and trying to click that close often simply manipulates the length of the line, unless I clock outside the proximity of the first line. This often creates a small segment somewhere else, requiring me to undo that move. Again, it seems like a tiny problem, but when I have to edit every coast's or every border's pixel it can save me an hour.
  4. I'm fairly certain my first post indicates that I know that. It is inconvenient, and I am simply suggesting a feature for a future version. It is one of 2 drawbacks I've found in using Paint.NET over MSPaint, and I didn't find any other topics already opened to suggest this feature.
  5. The problem comes not from the aliasing, but from the inconvenience, I guess. When editing a map of the world 1200x600 pixels or 5000x2500 pixels large, and trying to make layers with some single pixel segments and some straight line pixels (e.g. borders) it is very inconvenient to keep switching tools. It sometimes takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to make a world map just perfect, and in those cases every second per item translates to a lot of lost time. I know it's a minor issue, but I just thought I would suggest it, as MSPaint and GIMP do have this feature. (Sort of on GIMP)
  6. I am new to the forums, and fairly new to Paint.NET. I switched from MSPaint over to Paint.NET at the behest of members of my main forum,, as they find it much easier to use when editing maps. One feature that MSPaint has that Paint.NET doesn't that would make it extremely convenient is the ability to use the pencil tool to draw short straight lines in any of the 8 main directions by holding SHIFT when drawing. While it is fairly easy to assign hotkeys on MSPaint and while Paint.NET already has them for pencil/line tools, it is often more convenient to be able to do seamlessly, especially when I'm editing many lines at once (like coasts and whanot). Is this a feature that is ever asked about? I checked through the first 20 pages or so in this board and didn't find anything similar. Thank you.