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  1. Thanks everyone for help. The computer I'm using runs Windows XP, my task is to assist members of the library who have access to "upgraded" systems running Vista. It's a stupid and bully environment managed by a lazy and fat Manager, I already too many times asked to have my system (which also has viruses) upgraded too but they just not listen! As per information, I tried Photo Filtre from LiberKey and it works just fine, but I don't like it and I don't want to learn another software. There MUST be a way and I'll keep searching, maybe Windows running from external source like USB drive or hard disk will sort this out...
  2. Unfortunately I may still not run Paint.Net on the school computer. Paint.Net has too many dependencies with Windows and now when I launch it from Liberkey it asks for netframework!
  3. I also used forum's search function and found LiberKey from a similar thread, it looks a interesting and very handy suite. However, I may test it next week and see if PaintNet works straight or if the bloody high restricted computer will rise some more alerts. Thanks for support.
  4. I found the application on portableapps and they say they got permission from the author of the software. However, I cannot make it work because it's asking for Visual C++ and you know guys I'm not an Administrator so is there a way to have PaintNet 100% portable?
  5. I was having the same question, thanks everyone for help. First post hello everyone