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  1. I just used PDN and found that I guess my canvas size was too big because it is working just fine. This is my first time dealing with actual drawings of mine on this program. Thanks again Red Ochre!
  2. Maybe thats the problem, I just didn't figure it was. Thankyou so much Red Ochre, I'll check and see if that is the problem with mine! Oh and I do use firfox.
  3. Sorry I was unclear. I did say that I uninstalled it and took everything off. I atleast somewhat know what I am doing with computers and know the dangers of the internet, I am not stupid. I am human, I make mistakes, so yes I accidentally led myself into dangerous territory. I did install from the actual site after I found out that I got the wrong site by accident and I am sorry I don't have the money and won't pirate awesome software that will protect me like how you are protected Kreemoweet(not trying to say you pirate it but I know some people do). Thankyou Ergo Eram Reputo for not being so harsh and for being understanding. Anyways, I am currently working on my wedding invitations and I am trying to do 8000 pixels by 9593 pixels at 96.00 Resolution. I plan to work with that size more once I have gotten my design down but anyways, it will work for a while and then it will freeze and lag when I do anything after a few minutes of working with it(ex. even making lines, pasting pictures in new layers, trying to rectangle select things, and such). It is perfectly fine if I do not touch it but if I do anything on the program at all it will behave like that. I have seen it go up to over 2,000,000 K on the task manager, and yes before you ask I have tried running alone and it has done the same thing. When it is not touched and just sits there it runs about 934,728 K. Yes this is with the actual program installed by the way and not the fake one. I have never seen this program do this before and I have used this for years and the only reason I got an account is so I could ask what is going on. Thankyou again
  4. I am a proud user and have had it on several computers with no problem, all aside from the new one I just got from Walmart maybe a few weeks ago(yea its not the best place to get computers from but its surpasses the qualifications to run this program). My computer is a Dell Inspiron N5050. I did my reasearch on here and checked through the forums to see if anyone else had the same problem with this edition of similar to mine and I have not found one. I have also checked the help forums where the basic steps for fixing are and have tried the ones I could find. I did try to uninstall and reinstall it several times and everything I have done has proved to show no results. I did not install anything extra yet for either. First, I want to warn you guys that it seems like there is a fake site trying to have people download your software and I ended up getting adware(which by the way I successfully took of my computer I think with the help of avast and finding where it was hiding). Here is the website. It looked similar enough to yours that I was sure I got the right place(with not going to your download page for a while I thought it was possible it refreshed itself) Second, heres my problem, I am having problems with freezing on my computer. I can normally work on photos on this program for a few minutes(with simple tasks) without this problem, but after a while it ends up lagging and then freezing if I try and do anything sort of complex (ex. adding and pasting pictures to new layers and such). What would you suggest to do? I really love this program and am frusterated because I know that normally there are no problems. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.