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  1. Hm, what about this. It doesn't use the undo history at all. There's an option to turn on capturing. Whenever you do a change that is written to the undo history, Paint.NET pushes a new picture into an array of pictures it has stored in a file. When the user undoes, it deletes the last picture in that file. Since that file is not playable, you should add either a built-in option or downloadable plugin to Paint.NET that can convert it into a video file (where you can decide the rate in which the pictures are played).
  2. Hey! I think it'd be so cool to be able to replay your entire undo history of a picture, so you can see and show others how you proceeded on a picture you made. That way, it's never necessary to capture screen video for like 10 hours and stuff.. So first you'd need to add an option to save the undo history (so that you always keep the history from when you started). Then you'd need an option to playback the undo history. Can this be done? It would be great! Thanks!
  3. It worked when I ran Paint.NET as Administrator. Thanks!
  4. I am creating the plugin in a different folder (the C# file is in another folder) - it builds the ddl at default in the Effect folder and it can't be changed.
  5. Hello! As I was to build my first plugin, I got this error message: Error at line 0: Cannot create temporary file 'c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\CSC6639.tmp' -- Access is denied. (CS1619) I did try to uncheck the Read-only checkbox of the Effects folder, but it keeps checking itself again after I exit the folder's properties... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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