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  1. Simple nebula

    This is my first tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to make a simple nebula. It is best to do it on an already made space scene. Plug-ins required Grim color reaper or Kill colour. (the simple one) Clouds (already available in Paint.net) 1. Open up a layered spacescape that you have already done in Paint.net. 2. Create a new layer over the background and under the planets or foreground stars. 3. Making sure your foreground colour is black and background colour is white, go to Effects > Render > Clouds. The scale and roughness depends on your taste. Feel free to experiment. I used the default setting. 4.Now comes the time when we are going to turn the clouds layer into a nebula layer with Kill colour (or Grim Colour Reaper)! Go to Effects > Colour > Kill Colour (or Grim Colour Reaper) 5. Choose the settings; follow the guide lines below Colour tolerance must be below 1.00 and above 0.10. Set Consider transparent any alpha smaller than 0. Otherwise the effects might not come the way you want. Under What colour? select black. This leaves white or grey dust behind. A nebula. 6. Time to add colour. Create a new layer above this nebula layer and fill it with the colour you like. Set this layers blending mode to multiply. Experiment with the colours to see which one you like. Now colour has been added to your nebula. Ta-da, a simple nebula! 7. Touch-ups On the colour layer, erase any unwanted colour if you need. I am sorry for not providing pictures. I didn't have the pictures as URL links. Anyway this is quick and easy.