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  1. Obviously, some file types have incompatible metadata or no metadata at all, but this is not the issue raised here. When saving a TIFF as JPG, or even a TIFF as TIFF (under a different file name), some of the compatible metadata created in Windows Explorer properties is transferred incorrectly. Title: No longer Unicode (full of ????? where not ASCII). Subject: OK (preserved in Unicode) Rating: Lost. Tags: OK (preserved in Unicode) Comments: Lost Authors: OK (preserved in Unicode) Date Taken: Lost Date Acquired: Lost Copyright: OK (preserved in Unicode) It would be worthwhile to review other file types for this sort of problem.
  2. Thanks for this excellent plugin. It would be good if all the basic Description metadata in Windows Explorer properties were supported: eg: Rating, Tags, Comments, Date Taken, Date Acquired are not preserved. Also, the metadata that is supported is not being written to the file in Unicode (where the source file is Unicode). So, when I convert a TIFF to JPEG XR that is mixed Japanese/English, the Japanese characters turn out as "?????" in the result.