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  1. Today we are going to make something like this: II'm going to make a red one but you can do any color you want for this Step 1: use Fire plugin (does not matter which. Just use one where it makes flames) Step 2: Make a new layer. After you've doe that use the eclipse tool or make a shape and put it where the color you want your gem to be is. Step 3: Use Crystallize on the fire layer. Cell size 22, Quality 2. Step 4: go to the layer where the shape is. Use magic wand and click inside your shape. Press Ctrl+I and switch to the fire layer. Press Delete And merge the fire layer and the shape layer together. Step 5: Make a new layer. In the new layer, draw a black curve and a white curve on each side of the gem. In the adjustment tab, use transparency on the curves. You have a choice: !: If you want just the gem, stop now. 2: If you want the ring, go to http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25078-how-to-make-a-ring-without-a-gem/
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