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  1. Hello, I installed the PSD plugin so I could go to Photoshop edit a color/BW photo in Photoshop. In paint.net the file was saved as a psd file although photoshop can not open it? Help please
  2. Hello, I finally got it the way I want it except for one little thing. The tone of the B/W part which covers brick has a red cast. Can paint.net do something with B/W tone? Thanks
  3. Hello, I've got a photo of a building of which I can't figure hhow to attach it to a post. My problem is I can't deselect the image (ctrl + D). I try it and nothing happens. I've got the layers down. I'm about to pull the rest of my hair out. Can somebody PM me so I can send the image I'm working on? Help please and thanks. PS- The image is too big to attach and I can't figure how to attach it any other way.
  4. I'm just a beginer so bare with me. I've looked for this tutorial and can't find anything. I tried to upload what I want to do but the file is to big. How can I attach a file? Thanks
  5. I just want to thank everybody. I've got it down now except I got B/W and Color turned around. I tried to send an image but it said it was to big. How do you send files?
  6. I just want to thank everybody. I've got it down now except I got B/W and Color turned around. The image will show what I mean
  7. Hello everybody, I've got The Pleasantville Effect down till I get to copy and paste. When I copy by right clicking I'm still in Majic wand mode. When I deselect the tool (ctrl+D) nothing happens. Thanks for your help.
  8. This is the image. I wan't to keep the color on the top floor and make the rest B/W.
  9. When I click the areas Iwant to stay color and copy and paste with right click nothing happens? I know I'm a newbee but I'm not getting any where.When I click ctrl andD to deselect nothing happens. Help and thanks
  10. I'm a newbee and I've never used these tools. Is there a tool tutorial? Thanks
  11. Hello Pyro Techniques, The photo is one that I took myself. I will check out those sites. Thanks
  12. Hello, I'm new to this forum but I have used paint.net for small jobs. I have a photo of an old apt. building that I've converted to black and white. As you can see the top floor is colored a shade of yellow with detail. I just wan't to colorize the top floor. It seems to me there is way to do with layers but I've never used layers. I've attached photos below. If you couls send me a tutorial and any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Photo.net is a great tool, I just don't know to do everything. Thanks PS-I tried to upload the photos but they were to big. Can I compress them with WinRAR and then send them?
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