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  1. Rick, My bad! I was expecting to see a zoom box appear in the toolbar itself. Had I moved the cursor over the painting surface, I would have noticed the magnifying glass. Sorry. I never looked at the status bar for a zoom feature. I tend to avoid the status bar because it is too close to the bottom and it triggers the task bar(in autohide mode). Thanks, Grouch
  2. Paint.net version 4.0.5064.834 The "zoom tool" in the tool toolbar doesn't seem to do anything. All of the other tools cause a change in the toolbar's appearance. Selecting "Zoom" does nothing. I guess I'm expecting it to look like the "Zoom tool" that existed in the 3.5.11 version. If I'm doing something wrong or overguessing the action of the tool, let me know. Thanks for your support, Grouch
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