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  1. Thanks. I'll give that a try. Roger
  2. I've downloaded and briefly messed around with Paint.Net, and while you can work with layers, I haven't found a way to use layer masks. I used to exclusively use GIMP, but then I found out about Adobe Lightroom, so I bought that and have been extremely happy with it. However, I can't do any pixel editing to get rid of any phone lines, or people's heads, or any other item that is goofing up my photo. I didn't want to go back to GIMP (it's not the easiest program to use), but then I found out about Paint.Net and that it uses layers. I assumed that it would also have the option to use layer masks, as a natural extension or feature of having layers. But again I can't figure out, or have found online, a way to create layer masks. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions on this. Thanks. Roger
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