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  1. try doing something with it for 2-3 months straight every single day hahahaha thats when it gets boring lol
  2. very nice tut. here's my attempt: please lemme know if i added the image in correctly. im an old user but haven't been on in a while so i forgot a lot.
  3. Hey everyone! boy, has it been long since i last got on paint.net!!! why? may you ask, well i exhausted myself with this powerful program to the point where it got boring so i had to take a break. (didn't intend a break this long). anyway, im excited to get out there again, use some of the older and newer tuts, and bring you guys my own twist on the creations. NO. HATE. MAIL.
  4. so for some reason unfreez said...... "Not a GIF file, or incorrect version number." I double checked all 8 of my files and each are .gif images.....plz pm me to help or if u really want to help me here in comments
  5. so im having the worst blonde moment right now. can't find AA's assistant. help?
  6. so uh having troubles finding the splinter. help is very much appreciated
  7. ok thankyou ego, could've sworn when i first opened that page it wasnt there but i appreciate your patience and help
  8. sorry if its obvious and im just being blind but, uh, wheres the link to download it?
  9. ok well did it again..... another problem: got the splatter on the whole page but when i set that layer's blend mode to lighten the bars disappeared?????
  10. when i did opened splatter it went to a window, did the splatter, clicked ok, took me back to what i was on but the splatter was only in the top left portion of the dimensions. any ideas?
  11. hello eliza, this is my result: its a sig for a gaming website henceforth the two usernames that don't match mine on here:P also used the tut: beginner image merging(image heavy) or whatever it is called. i would love some feedback from anyone
  12. awwww man the very first pic in my gallery on here isnt showing up..... that was my favorite so far
  13. drydareelin- yeah with the dark arc i was following the tut advancedish planet v.2 or v.1(cant remember which) and got confused in that step so, as you can see, the shadow part didn't come out exactly as i wanted it to but because its such an exhausting tut i haven't taken the time to give it another try:P
  14. here is my go at it: now i just gotta figure out how to actually set it as my sig... after i finished with this tutorial i made a new layer for the text and did a default settings glow to it then used vignette(with default settings) and did some smudging on the original layer(the layer b4 doing the text)
  15. thanks i really appreciate it. starting to run out of tuts to go by that i haven't already used. and im not one to easily understand what tool/effect will give me what(if that makes any sense) so it's kind of hard for me to "experiment" with the art unless its easy basic stuff.
  16. This is my very first post. I have done comments but not posts. ok heres my creations:
  17. thanks this was a great tutorial.... this one i did with the help of a couple different tuts. woops...... sorry for double post. anyhow im gonna leave this tut b4 i make it worse for myself
  18. this is what i created using your tut and making a sphere with shape 3D then i used the storm/vortex tut and blended the two images together using another tut. but i cant remember the name of that one.
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