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  1. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dorischen/archive/2014/11/12/microsoft-takes-net-open-source-and-cross-platform.aspx Could that mean that paint.net could eventually become cross-platform as well?
  2. Now that works. Weird how nobody tells you that it only appears to work through the numpad.
  3. Not quite: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3zbv56atdbelzky/Screenshot%202014-11-03%2002.31.29.png?dl=0 Told you, no icons. Also, i've read a lot about using ALT + numbers to type special characters. I've also realised that no matter what i do, it seems i'm not the chosen one. This "feature" never worked for me throughout 4 operating systems, from XP and Vista to Windows 7 and 8.1. It just doesn't do anything. Pressing the left ALT immediately highlights the menu bar of any application, and while the right one doesn't, it does not produce any symbols with a combination of numbers or letters e
  4. Didn't help. It only lists the standard + cyrilic characters as you'd expect from a standard font. I'm afraid i need a different way to import them.
  5. Very very interesting. Thanks for the help on all of them. This foundation font seems very nice, but i can't seem to figure how exactly i'll use its icons inside paint.net. Any pointers? Perhaps i have to make a sample website to render them all and then i'll just copy them as bitmaps
  6. I do something similar to that when i mess with icons. As long as you don't mind slight shadows making it into your alpha map, it should be simple for any images that have a transparent background. Otherwise, you may have to use the magic wand to cut parts out afaik. Take the picture, crank up the brightness and contrast to make it completely white, make a new layer below it, paint it black. Done. I'm no expert, so don't take my word for perfect success
  7. I hope there's an answer to either of these two questions 1) I'm pretty sure that many of you would like to be able to record a paint.net session and replay it step by step for another image. Just take a history chunk, pop it to another picture, boom, automated painting. It's what i'd like to do in my case for several icons of different colors. They all follow pretty much the same procedure but having to write it down, and note the colors and values of each plugin for every step is just tedious. So i'm wondering, is there a plugin that can do something like that i haven't heard of? Is the
  8. It would appear that said attachment does indeed work without throwing errors. But at that place it's only natural not to see it It never was moved to the OP afterall.
  9. So is there any chance of this being updated? Ever since v4.0 it simply throws an error and does nothing.
  10. Personally i doubt this crash can be replicated. It's never happened before while following that procedure, it was wholly unexpected. Then again, a few hours later my computer froze for good, applications wouldn't close or respond, task manager wouldn't even show up; hell, i was holding the restart button and it refused to do anything! It could have been some weird memory corruption for all i know. In any case, i think it would be safe to call this closed for now, at least until it can be proven that this crash can happen again, and under normal circumstances.
  11. Sincerest apologies, i neglected to press the button to attach the log. But the file type .log isn't allowed? Oh well, it's in a .zip now.
  12. I know 4.0.3 is out. I don't think its changes affect this weird occasion though, so i went ahead and made this thread. I was testing an image by duplicating the layer and merging, and then repeating the process until all transparent pixels were completely opaque. Then i tried to undo the changes back to when the image was opened, and instead paint.net crashed for the first time while doing something like that. I do not know if it will happen again, but here's the log in any case. I will update if get the same crash again. Hidden Content: This text file was created because pa
  13. I seem to be having a peculiar behavior when zooming in and out, is this intended? https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0apaofn2mr9t0a/zoombug.avi
  14. Well. Maybe some other feature then. When Paint.NET has a dialog open that is awaiting input, it does not accept opening new images through other applications or explorer. Now i know that is by design, but perhaps it could be done so they are added to the list as a background process?
  15. It may be important to other people, but can layer visibility NOT create history entries, or at least have an option to disable that? Also, it finalises any tools such as gradient and paintbucket so i if i want to remove a layer to test some color matches i have to undo twice afterwards because the tool was commited.
  16. I wanted to note that i was trying to make a selection when the option to update to this version occurred. After i selected to install the update when i exit the application, i was unable to complete or cancel my selection. Just wanted to let you know since this means that mouse focus is somehow lost or "stuck" in a pressed state.
  17. I have 2 small feature requests that i hope won't be much trouble. 1) This one is simple: to avoid asking for confirmation on closing a modified image when the action performed on it was undone to the point of the last saved one. For example, if you open an image, perform an action, and then undo it, it still marks it as modified. 2) This one is a bit more complex. I'd like the pixel grid to have a pixel scale. The default of 1 px is great when working with tiny images but when you want to align images properly on a larger scale like 64 px, it's just impossible, so its use is fairly li
  18. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lt417jvjrljke67/Screenshot%202013-12-24%2019.40.38.png The "for" is missing here in the donation text
  19. Ok another small but fairly annoying issue i found is that when another application is in the foreground, if you try to restore paint.net to the foreground by selecting the currently focused image from the taskbar, it will hide itself again, but that doesn't happen if you select a different one. Might want to get that fixed if you haven't already
  20. Great to be able to test this alpha. As my first small complaint, i'd like to point out that this new version is a bit TOO fullscreen. If the option to hide the taskbar by default is ticked, paint.net doesn't respect that and doesn't allow it to pop back up when the cursor hits the bottom, like it should. I'd appreciate it if this didn't occur, i don't think i'm the only one using that setting, even on a desktop computer, to save vertical space I'll report anything else noteworthy that i may find over time, apologies in advance if any of those have been reported before EDIT: It appears t
  21. Allow me to rephrase my second question: I usually use outlines to help me color portions of an image, but i want greater control over it. I want to be able to color the sublayer without having to worry if i filled all the space correctly, especially with thinner outlines. Kinda like a frame where all the paint you throw on it disappears except for the spots you have drawn circles on. Any advise you can offer?
  22. They are a few questions that are quite distant from each other, but i hope the new name is acceptable. Can't think of anything much better. Indeed, but it was more of a suggestion rather than a question to working around ALL of it True enough however, your idea is not bad either, it would be nice to have more control over how the image is cast, but i figure it can also be done without with the default tools.
  23. Hello, i'm new here, despite having known of paint.net for a few years. There are a few things i wanted to ask since i don't really find anything relevant to what i'm looking for. 1) Is there a simple and efficient way of applying a texture to a selection (minus alpha of course)? There is a plugin here that claims to do just that, but either i have no idea how to use it or it isn't working properly. 2) I sometimes want to color specific portions of an image that isn't layered, and if there are outlines, it only gets harder. Any tips about that or perhaps some plugin that can pick out a speci
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