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  1. What I did, was what a lot of people will do: 1. Google ‘paint.net’ and www.paint.net/ comes top of the Google results. 2. Top r/h corner of paint.net is a banner to download, so click on that. 3. Takes you to here: http://www.getpaint.net/ where you d/l and get infected. The first URL is the exact same name as your product. This very forum appears to be a subdomain of http://www.getpaint.net/, which is hosting the infected copy. So what’s going on here? You appear to be directly associated with this trojan type download. Thanks for the advice about ‘Restore Points’ but I don’t see why I s
  2. Downloaded from here on Sunday: http://www.getpaint.net/ During the installation process it became obvious that it wasn’t only paint.net being installed, so I stopped the instalation. Opened up Chrome again, to find my home page, and chosen search engine, had been swapped. Changed those back, only to find other suspicious looking stuff when I looked in the downloads folder from that download. I’ve uninstalled those, but I’m left with this one problem: certain words on web pages are double under lined (hyperlinked?) and if you click on them the page goes momentarily to cxpfy.com and then mostly
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