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    Design and Programming. Making games in Unity 3D :D
  1. Hi! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a glass pane. The following plugins are needed: Drop shadow Outline Object Thanks, Andreas.
  2. Oh yes of course, the Beginner Tutorials Do you know if it's possible to move my post? :-)
  3. Hi In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a very simple diamond shape. I hope you'll like it. Plugins needed: Outline Object: Object Align:
  4. Oh, I did not know that, I'm sorry. I guess I can link to the legal link? :-)
  5. Hello In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a planet in (in this case, the Moon) The Shape3D plugin is required to finish this tutorial. It can be downloaded legally from here: This is the final image The tutorial Extra By changing the the primary and secondary color to another color, before you render´╗┐ the clouds, is a good way to make other planets like Mars using a red color
  6. Hello, I have made something pretty cool, but I can't remember exactly how. I saved my image as an .PDN file, but the history window doesn't tell, how I've done it, when I open the image. Is there anyway to see how I've done it? Thanks, Andreas
  7. Wallpapers. Hello, and thanks for reading this :-) All my wallpapers are in 1920 * 1080 pixels and made with ;-) These are my wallpapers, I will post new wallpapers frequently :-) Wallpaper 1: Download: Wallpaper 2: Download: Wallpaper 3: Download: Wallpaper 4: Download: Wallpaper 5: Download: Wallpaper 6: Download: Thanks :-) If you want to use these images for commercial purposes, please contact me first.
  8. Oh yeah, I did not know that it can not be a video, sorry, I just wanted to share my work I'll do it with screenshots next time
  9. Okay, I don't really like to speak in tutorials, do you think it would be better with On-screen Text that tells you what to do?
  10. Thanks for the nice feedback I've never seen a forum with so nice members And to pdnnoob: I'am still new to (this is my first Toturial) and I've only used it in some few months, maybe you could be a bit more specific, so that I know what I could do better? And thanks again
  11. Hello I made this video not so long ago, and I would like to get some feedback if it's good. So if you want to watch it then here it is.