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  1. Hey, thanks I guess I could start taking requests here... if anyone would like one?
  2. What is the cloud plugin you used?
  3. The zoom blur just doesn't quite cut it. Is there anything else I can do?
  4. Hi I'm relatively new here, and after rushing into a tutorial, I was advised by one of the mods to start by making a gallery. So that's what I'm doing I make graphics mainly themed around the popular game "Minecraft", so most of my work has a pixel art sort of feel. For more, check out my art thread on the Minecraft Forums.
  5. Hey, thanks for the great tut. Here's my result: Instead of doing a nice blurred outline I did an offset drop shadow and outline the whole thing black
  6. I'm running an art thread on the Minecraft forums here and I really want to expand my knowledge so I can provide better stuff for my customers. I've been looking at other designers' threads lately and found another art thread showcasing a text effect like this: He has used Photoshop, but is there any way to achieve this kind of 3D text in Paint.NET?
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