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  1. That worked perfectly @toe_head2001 on my Win10 box. Thank you for that Windows tip - I had no idea you could Show/Hide fonts, where this was appearing as Hide despite it showing up in MS Word. Once I toggled it to Show and restarted Paint.NET, it appeared in its list and worked perfectly. Attaching screenshot for those who may not be familiar on how to get to this point in Windows, with relevant information highlighted in red. Cheers - David
  2. I have installed the KaiTi.ttf font on my Windows 10 machine. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/typography/font-list/kaiti https://freefontsdownload.net/free-simkai-font-137629.htm I can see KaiTi listed in Control Panel | Fonts (showing as 'KaiTi Regular'), and it also appears when running MS Word. However in Paint.NET v4.2.9 it does not appear. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, David
  3. This plugin is extremely useful for creating alpha-channel bitmaps for Visual Studio 2010 (even if VS2010 can't properly deal with them and renders the transparency as black). Just to note that while the 'BMP32 Paint.NET FileType.dll' and 'BmpX.dll' in posts #1 and #5, respectively, both allow Paint.NET V3.5.10 to export a BMPX, neither of these allow the BMPX to be properly displayed in VS2010 (i.e. need to first rename to .BMP). Trying to open the BMP in VS Resource Editor results in a message "Cannot load file. Unknown bitmap format." being displayed twice, followed by an error message
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