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  1. Only just found out about this addon (after using PDN for more then 2 years ).Thanks Evan!
  2. Hi, Was just wondering if there would be vectorshapes in future releases? Things like: - All the basic shapes - Text (re-editable and resizable, gradiant fills) - Vectorshape outside the drawing area. stuff like that. Kind regards, Lucas
  3. Thanks for your fast reply! The "super secret sollution" works perfectly! Kind regards, Lucas The Netherlands
  4. Hi, First of all I really love this program, It is about to end a decade of buying Paint Shop Pro licences it seems, for this small but very irritating issue which is there for atleast 2 releases. I am starting to think I am the only one with this problem, since I can't find anything about my problem, or maybe I don't use the right keywords... If I make a selection and then want to alter that selection with the ctrl or alt keys to ad or remove a certain part from the selection, Paint.NET reacts very slowely. atleast 30% of my CPU (I7 with 4 cores and Hyperthreading) is used and the action la
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