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  1. Rick just needs to add multi-level Repeat to the Effects menu. Rather than just repeating the last effect, have 3-5 listed there that you can pick from. Handy addon!
  2. Hi, Not sure if there's a way built in, or in a plugin, but a clickable-by-point lasso tool would be really handy. Like lets say you want to take a picture of a home, then cut it out against the background. Dragging the lasso around by hand is pretty sloppy. If you can click one corner of the roof, then the next, then go along the straight walls (to get selection lines between/around all the points), you end up with a way cleaner crop/cut. If there's a way to do it already, do tell. :) Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been working on pixel art lately. Sometimes when doing pixel art, you want very precise changes, like tinting some rocks slightly green (without affecting all the details) to indicate that they are mossy. Things that are already green don't need to be even more green. (Neon!) I have been selecting colours with the wand and adding to the selection and then tinting it - but it can be tedious, and it occurred to me that there is an editing mode that would be naturally suitable for this. If you can adjust just one component of a pixel colour (The R, G, B or A), it'
  4. I wanted the exact same thing. A configurable grid size would be invaluable! -BikeHelmet
  5. Hi Ego, Doesn't really fit. I need to tell where the boundaries are to make adjustments to the tiles along their boundaries. That lets me stamp whole tiles in, but then I'd need to go and edit the semi transparency for blending reasons. Being able to set the grid size would make it trivial. But without that, it's like trying to edit a layer with the layer visibility turned off. I did try your plugin, and it works alright, except that the preview screen is completely blank when working with layers that are low opacity and mostly empty. When setting up 24 tiles that fade
  6. Hi, Lately I've had to do a bit of pixel art. Lining it up on 32x32 boundaries is a bit of a pain when tiles may contain large transparent sections that make it impossible to tell where the tile boundary is except by counting. It'd be great if the pixel grid was configurable, so that I could choose 32x32 instead of 1x1. Cheers, -BikeHelmet
  7. I noticed that this version is slower too, but haven't run any thorough tests. Also, I just upgraded to Win10 in the last few days, so I wasn't sure if that was part of it. I have an 8 core AMD CPU in this system. I do make use of a fair number of plugins. I can afford to wait a few seconds longer, so I'll just wait until a new version comes out. Thanks for all your effort, Rick!
  8. Very, very true. Oh, I agree - it takes a while for anything to make it through the QA process. I used to participate on bugzilla, but after seeing poor changes pushed through only to be revised, then revised again, then finally revised close to the original suggestion... well, I grew tired of having too many cooks with hands over the fire. Much respect to your friends, if they can tolerate that environment. It's probably better on the inside than it was as an 'anonymous' bugzilla poster. Yeah, I mentioned that in my post - target user matters. PDN users are going to be mo
  9. Oh, you don't have to tell me. I had to start taking written instructions with most repair jobs to protect myself, as quite often customers demand something (Like three separate antivirus programs - against my advice/recommendation - "It will cause blue screens of death, system reboots, extremely slow performance, etc.; they are known not to work properly together."), and then when delivered as requested, they want you to correct it on your dime/time. 'The customer is always right' is an annoying attitude, especially when they don't understand what they're asking for, and if I came off like th
  10. As far as I know it doesn't - that's just a toolkit for .net, right? If you can point me to any other apps built on that, I can check. -BikeHelmet
  11. I'm sorry - my writing style clearly offended you. I wrote it pretty late at night, so that probably contributed to its lack of tact. I'll stop pestering you - but I do want to be clear that any negative tone you picked up was not intentional. I love your program (why else would I be using it?), but I'm probably falling into the common trap of 'being the most critical of the things we use the most.' Keep up the hard work - it's much appreciated by many people, even if they don't say it - or drop in and say the opposite. (Whoops) -BikeHelmet
  12. I fix computers for people (primary income) - so right there I'm dealing with those that are not power users. Regardless, perhaps 5% (if that) figure out the menu button in Chrome and Firefox. It's actually the main gripe that I hear. ("Where the hell did the menus go!? I hate [Chrome, Firefox] ever since it updated!") Most drift back to IE because they can't find the print option, so now a chunk of my time is just explaining where things went. Yet when it was a wrench, or there were fallback menus to use... no problem. Someone working with a paint program is probably a bit more te
  13. What's this have to do with my post? (Other than me posting my plugins for the devs to examine.)
  14. Hello, I just installed PDN v4 - I'm happy to see I can turn off the dancing ants animation, since the shimmering grabs my attention and annoys my eyes. I just had a few possible suggestions/refinements. These are minor things, but help with "polish". One of the things that has been missing from PDN since the beginning is the ability to scroll images away from the edge of the screen. Lets say you have a huge image (a scan or something) and you want to zoom in to look at a detail, but also want access to the colour picker and tools. It only makes sense that at whatever zoom level you
  15. http://getlazarus.com/download Form recovery! Invaluable when websites inevitably malfunction. My number one annoyance so far - I see they've cleaned up the top panel, leaving it rather bleak... All the wasted space at the top of the screen with no way to customize it annoys me. No magnifying glass and zoom level buttons up there, which I used all the time. I never ever ever used the magnifying glass tool on the tools panel (it's worthless except for novices IMO) - I only used Ctrl+Mousewheel to zoom, and then used the dropdown list if I wanted an exact percentage. (or the buttons b
  16. Hi, I just updated to PDN v4 - I was exploring menus when PDN hard-locked my PC. Every time I go back to the Plugin Error page, it hard locks it. No error report, because a hard lock is obviously quite fatal and immediate. I have attached all my plugins. I'm now going to look for updates to see if new versions might help. http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4yycnsx5qmjjnx/Paint.NET+Plugins.zip -BikeHelmet
  17. I found this thread from the original one: Any chance you'd be willing to update OptiPNG to the newest version? (v0.7.1)
  18. http://optipng.sourceforge.net/ OptiPNG v0.7.1 - Released 2012-03-19 Looks like the plugin has been abandoned? Anyone able to tackle updating it?
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