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  1. Great! Thank you so much for your assistance. I am assuming that I can find that plugin here, and that it is relatively self explanatory (with a readme or equivalent). I am new to Paint.net, so this will be interesting. Can't imagine why the original file had this transparency, but now that I know to look for this I can avoid it in the future. Thanks again, Doug PS: Just tried using Alphamask and the file was corrected perfectly. I will pass this on to others I know with the same problem.
  2. OK, here is the .dds file. It is on Dropbox at the following link. Let me know if you have any difficulties. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59536161/GX_Misc_Signs05.dds Looking forward to your feedback. Doug
  3. The file is 1.3 mb, too big to attach here. I will try to find a place to provide a link. May take a while. Thanks for assisting. Doug
  4. I have been trying to edit a .dds texture file using Pint.net, latest version. The raw file is a single layer, and is roughly 1.3 mb in size. A friend loaded the file into Photoshop and the file loaded perfectly. I used this as a test of teh validity of the .dds file. When I try to view the same file in Paint.net, I only see the upper left quadrant of the file, exactly 25% of the total graphic. I am attaching screen shot of the Paint.net result and a shot of what the file should look like (as seen by a specialized reader - read only). I need to edit the wording on the signs in this textu
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