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  1. rocketeer looksgreat! wizard is nice, but maybe a little overuse of C4D. anyway they both look great KIU NIN
  2. Paint Dot Mike: 1 NiteNurse: 0 PDM's sig just has greater level of detail IMO, cool colorsheme. it has flow. i like it Nitenurse, i like the animation, but in the end, it'is just text
  3. "A day to remember" is quite the signature no seriously it's great, looks great, nice colors, cool texture, great depth. But a bit too much text IMO for the other tags, try using high quality renders, they are a bit too blurry or have jaggy edges. KIU NIN.
  4. Hi! i'm NineInchNails. i'm actually using PDN for quite a while now, but i never joined the forum untill now guess i was to lazy. btw, i'm from belgium so expect grammar errors in my future posts
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