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  1. G'MIC, available natively to GIMP and photoshop http://gmic.sourceforge.net/ It might play well with the plugin to use photoshop plugins. But it might be a better idea to request a paint.net plugin nicely from the developer INSIDE your paypal donation note
  2. does this support the newest photoshop plugins SDK?
  3. I love blend modes. If photoshop offered custom blend modes I'd run out and buy it... that's how much I love the idea Does your plugin offer only more modes or a way for user desined mode? In either case can someone with a copy of my native paint.net format file benefit from the blendmode **without** having to install your plugin? somehow embedding into file? if not this is a feature suggestion
  4. Why does this need an installation wrapper? Are the DLLs available loose? This box isn't [yet] setup with VM to extracting such manually
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