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  1. All right, so I actually meant to upload this last week, but I didn't get around to doing so for whatever reason. Here it is, the finished version. I'm actually quite happy with the result myself.
  2. I think he means images of things without a white/black/whatever background, so he won't have troubles cropping it before adding it to the image. Try using Google's advanced search functioning and filter images that aren't .PNGs, that way you maximize your chances of finding an image with transparent background.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. Currently working on this: Will most likely have a finished design version done tomorrow. I could use a few ideas on what his "pants" should look like, tho.
  4. Been a while, everyone. Been working on more stuff over the past few months: These are a few of the things I've made, but most of it is concept art for the game and such, I don't know if what's worth posting here. These were some things I drew for fun. (except the backpack-furnace-thingie, that's the game's GUI). I haven't written a tutorial yet because I honestly don't know how to start on it. I'm horrible at explaining things properly.
  5. I've considered doing a tutorial on how I do stuff, if anyone's still interested?
  6. Been a while since I posted anything, so I figured I'd go ahead and throw a few more things in here. Some more stuff for the game I am working on, as well as a two random half-finished scribbles I liked. Enjoy, please tell me what you like and what could be better.
  7. I know about the flower, yea. I fixed it before I gave it to my fellow developer, so in the game it won't have those jagged outlines. As for the sharp/smooth edges mixing and differing here and there.. That's mostly me being lazy. If I feel like just using the eraser to clean up I do that, sometimes the sharp edges come from removing a background around the image with a the flood tool.
  8. Okay, a tiny update. Really appreciate the positive comments so far, guys. That's what keeps me going. Criticism is welcome, as always. Note: I know the blunderbuss's "neck" is slightly out of perspective, and I am gonna fix it.
  9. Heh, I can try. I am awfully bad at explaining things, though, so don't expect anything amazing.
  10. Hello everyone. I've been using Paint.NET for about 2½ year, but I've only just recently registered on the forums, and I decided to share some of my personal favorites with all of you guys. Hope you'll like it. I am currently working on a game which I draw basically.. well, everything for. Therefore most of my stuff here will be smaller images than what may normally be shown here. I don't know to be honest. Will probably post more as I make them, or find old ones I think are worth sharing. Criticism and comments are welcome.
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