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  1. wren

    Wren's pdn's

    Here's some pixelart I've done recently, the original image (taken from SEGA's Phantasy Star IV) is on the left, or in the third image, above, and my re-made version is on the right (or below in the third image).
  2. Well now that's a great work you've got here! I really like your newest pic. It's so neat and accurate. Shadow/lighting is awesome, and the choice of colors is really good as well. Composition, on the other hand, seems not perfect to me, 'cause IMHO the image is a bit 'overweight' on the right side. Probably some work with the background could change that. But in general, again, it looks just wonderful.
  3. Hello, everybody! My name's Wren, and I'd like to share some of my Paint.net works with you). All of the images are clickable. A walpaper for 240x320 mobile phones. "Amo ergo sum" in Latin means "I love, therefore I am". Background is not mine, sadly. One of my early works, a wallpaper. Two pictures from a series, 'Games IRL'. A tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, my source of inspiration. Somehow, this is a tribute to RHCP as well. A portrait. Another portrait, drawn as a present. Self-explanatory. Two ideas for the signature. Abstract ornament. This pic
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