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  1. Hi, may be it will be better to replace the first bug DLL by these 2 ones (probably less buggy) Regards
  2. Yes, I have taken a look at the PPM plugin already. There is settings too for saving more infos too. Hard to find API documentation but I can do it. Not sure because don't think there is a need
  3. Is filetype plugin can open a dialog box to specify some params ? (I think the answer is yes because the PPM plugin do it, but to be sure) One could be a string value to replace the "pixmap" string a one entered by the user. Even if I am not sure it was user friendly (better or worse than using external text editor to do it...)
  4. Searching through the forum, I see that the stream type information is not available (which I don't care, just need the document name anyway) May be we can access the filename - if available - by Document given on OnSave ? Regards
  5. Hi, On a FileType plugin, is there a way to access (is any) the filename of the stream on the OnSave callback ? I am writing an XPM plugin, and it will help is I can put this name into the file instead of hard coded value - not very usefull for embedded XPM into a source file. Regards
  6. I have reverse this DLL to correct a bug on non square image, and Unix/Windows text file format I have rewritten almost everything (probably reversed from somewhere else anyway) This DLL is to be put on the FileTypes directory. It will register the "X Pixmap" file format for .xpm files. If it can help someone... PS : for the source code...ILSpy is your friend. I have updated the plugin for Paint 4.0 XPMFileType.zip XPMFileType_4.0.zip
  7. Adding a sample to show the error. There is another bug, I can not reproduce when attached to visual, when saving a PPM P6... sample2.zip
  8. Performance issue corrected. Using lockbits, we have to change RGB to BGR. Thanks for Paint .NET. PNMPlugin.zip
  9. Here the dll... looks like .rar are forbidden. I have replace the lockbits by a simple SetPixel which is slower but easier to use. I will see if I can go back to LockBits
  10. Since I have the same issue, I have try to correct it. I have used the original plugin, reverse it to made a correction. So I have corrected : PPM P6 format (binary format only, and the size of the combobox when saving an image. Hope it will help somebody.
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