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  1. Another long wait, busy with school, but I've added a new category for experiments and random creations.
  2. @barbieq25, It should take you to the full-size picture at the Photobucket site
  3. Hey everyone thanks for all of the great compliments! I haven't posted in a long time, so here are three paintings. I may get some new things up if I have time next week.
  4. I don't know how else to get people to see something new is here other than to re-post the pictures that I want people to see. So I'm just bumping it. The new pictures are in the Oil Paintings group. Thanks
  5. Hey everyone I've only been on the forums for a couple days, but I'd like some criticism on this "painting" I recently completed using the smudge and brush plugins.
  6. "There are no mistakes only happy accidents" -Bob Ross

  7. Ok fixed it and moved the pictures to image shack the link should work now
  8. Darn I though tit might work but I guess it's required to go through image shack and all that. Ill work on fixing it.
  9. *NEW* Experiments Here are some creations I stumbled upon by messing with various plugins and effects. Mostly positive results for just random effects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spacescapes I've got a start on my collection so I thought I might post it. I know there is a lot of space scapes out there but I'm pretty proud of these since they are only my first. All of these images were made for desktops and completely from scratch with no stock images. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oil Paintings These pictures are my attempt at bringing Bob Ross' style into Paint.NET using the brush plugin and smear tool. September 16th ___________________________________ Its been a while since I've posted, but I was reading through all the complements in the comments so I thought I'd post some paintings I did a couple of weeks ago. This one (below) I sketched on my phone with a home-made stylus.