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  1. Another long wait, busy with school, but I've added a new category for experiments and random creations.
  2. @barbieq25, It should take you to the full-size picture at the Photobucket site
  3. Hey everyone thanks for all of the great compliments! I haven't posted in a long time, so here are three paintings. I may get some new things up if I have time next week.
  4. I don't know how else to get people to see something new is here other than to re-post the pictures that I want people to see. So I'm just bumping it. The new pictures are in the Oil Paintings group. Thanks
  5. Hey everyone I've only been on the forums for a couple days, but I'd like some criticism on this "painting" I recently completed using the smudge and brush plugins.
  6. "There are no mistakes only happy accidents" -Bob Ross

  7. Ok fixed it and moved the pictures to image shack the link should work now
  8. Darn I though tit might work but I guess it's required to go through image shack and all that. Ill work on fixing it.
  9. *NEW* Experiments Here are some creations I stumbled upon by messing with various plugins and effects. Mostly positive results for just random effects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spacescapes I've got a start on my collection so I thought I might post it. I know there is a lot of space scapes out there but I'm pretty pr
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