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  1. Soory for double post. but I just wanted to put something in: Origanal Picture: Used one of the Bananas from the Banana Creation Tut ---------- Siggy I made for someone on a different website, info on the Original Post
  2. I would suggest saving as a .png because they are practically the same
  3. Thanks It's easily done with the use of Noise, Motion Blur, And Color Balance c:
  4. Thanks, I was trying to get the circles off and I got a few off, but I didn't notice a few until I uploaded it x3
  5. [banner Coming Soon] Hi, welcome to my gallery here I will show off my creations, from tuts on this forums and my own stuff. Creations A portal I made - No tutorial I signature I made for someone on a different forum I'm a member of. No tut | Work of CustomMiniBrushes, Multi-Colour Gradient, and Bevel Selection Image Edits Saturo Iwata Holding A banana Turned into Saturo Banata Holding Saturo's head No Tut Used | Work of paintbrush and Magic Wand tool
  6. Hm... it's a good thing that I kept one as a .pdn and another as a .png
  7. It didn't turn out as good as some of the others but eh
  8. This is a neat text effect, I think I missed a step because it looks a little different... 0.0
  9. Wow, amazing! Looks fantastic.
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