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  1. From what I remember, it needed to be placed in the FileTypes folder along with the DLL because the .EXE is needed to run the DLL. The .PDF plugin for Paint.NET also uses a .EXE in the same way.
  2. Been using this glorious plugin since its release. Paint.NET 4.19 works stable with it on Windows 7 64 bits. At least for me.
  3. TechnoRobbo's version of the plugin no longer works on Paint.NET version 4.0.19 If anyone would be able to do a lossless conversion of my 32x32 .png file in the same resolution, that would help me out big time in developing a new website. The .ico generating websites I have found only generate 16x16 format.
  4. This is extremely clear and helpful. Would you mind adding this bit of info to the first post? It should save many future questions.
  5. You are in luck, I think. I still have a copy of the files but I do not know what version. I only know the files are from 2014. I added a copyright disclaimer in it but since nobody reads readme.txt files I used a little trick from Winrar. ImXCF.zip
  6. I just wanted to pass by and say: Thank you Taojue! Your plugin is great and has always been a boon to my work when cross-editing animations with Gimp, Paint.NET and Genetica 4. Like seriously, thanks a lot and please keep up the great work!
  7. Does the download link on the first page have the updated version? http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten/Downloads/PaintDotNetEffects.html
  8. This is absolutely amazing but if I may add a suggestion to this otherwise great plugin? An option for seamless filling. That would make creating textures for games infinitely easier. Heck I would even pay for it, if you accept €.
  9. How do I install this? When I unzipped the file in the FileTypes folder of Paint.NET saving does not give me the option to save as .raw
  10. I don't know why it does not work since I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bits and Paint.NET 4.0 stable release with the 4.0 plugin. Yes this happened on a laptop with a desktop CPU, that is not a bug. This text file was created because paint.net crashed. Please e-mail this to crashlog4@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: paint.net 4.0.13 (Final 4.13.6191.1824) Time of crash: 20-3-2017 9:27:31 Application uptime: 00:00:41.6283067 Application state: Running Working set: 213.380 KiB Handles and threads: 1431 handles, 58 threads, 192 gdi, 273 user Ins
  11. What version is your plugin pack? Because I have Paint.NET 4.0.6 and the Smudge tool keeps crashing Paint.NET. I love this plugin pack and it really sucks because now I have to put my work on hold.
  12. Hello fellow Paint magicians, since I am using just under 300 plugins and suffering from incompatibility issues, I would like to downgrade. Is that possible? Because working without the plugins really stinks.
  13. You CAN view animated PNGs with Google Chrome with the APNG plugin from the Chrome store. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apng/ehkepjiconegkhpodgoaeamnpckdbblp
  14. Vista sucks! It is incompatible as hell! You did better use Windows 7.
  15. Exactly as the title says: I can not change my password. Because I forgot it, I requested a new one, wich worked. But if I want to change my password and type correctly get the same error everytime. Error: You must fill all the forms. I did fill all the password forms and when I fill all the email forms I get the error that the new entered email is the same. (Ofcourse I don't want to change my email.) But when entering another email that is mine, it gives the error that the emails do not match. But infact I don't want to change my email at all! Help me!
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