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  1. Thank you. Very nice tutorial. So DPI for the printer= pixels/inch on PDN's resize menu?
  2. Ok....I'm just an amateur who has been fooling around with (and loving) PDN for few years. But, thinking I was much better than I am, I tried to help out a friend who needed some fliers done for his heating business. Basically it was just some text to be printed out on 4x6 cards. Everything was fine until he went to the printer. He was told it had to be "300dpi" (and he also said it HAD to be done on photoshop, so now I'm also trying to defend PDN taking the heat for my mistake lol) My project is at 96 PPI and is 4x6 inches. What do I need to do to get it to 300dpi (or to get it p
  3. SCRATCH THAT! Working fine after computer re-boot. Duh. Thanks again, everyone. This is the best free program I've ever used. Awesome.
  4. Hello, Great product. Great support. Thnks to all for the cool plugins. Does anyone have a guess as to why they wouldn't be working for me? I just can not figure it out! I'm using windows xp 32-bit (I know. It's my second computer. lol). I've installed them all as instructed, either using the installer or simply placing them in the proper folder: Programs/Paint.net/Effects Of course, I re-started after install. I've installed a few different packs..same result for all. Simply don't show up. Only the basic effects are available. Any ideas? I have had it working w/ all
  5. Hello, I am a self-taught PDN Sunday driver and huge fan.....who basically can't draw a straight line otherwise. Great software. But anyway...I seem to have a problem. I used to run it wonderfully with many of the great third-party plug-ins from this forum installed on my Dell laptop w/ Windows xp sp3-32bit. Now I've installed it on a Toshiba laptop w/ Windows 7(latest update) 64bit and for the life of me I can not get any extra effects plug-ins to show up. I've tried installing it in both Programs folders (64 and x86) and I've extracted the plugins to the effects folders (among other spots).
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