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  1. From your note, it sounds as if I could be doing it wrong--I created the text on a new layer, and am trying to move the text to another spot on that same layer, which is transparent except for the text I just created. Are you saying the layers have to be merged onto the background before I can move the text? I'll also make sure I'm using the right move tool. Thanks a lot, by the way.
  2. I tried that, and the selection box moved but not the contents!
  3. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I'm on the right layer, selected some text with the rectangle, clicked the move tool & tried to drag the selection (have the little hand showing so I'm in the right corner) but the box just expands the contents. (I tried both move tools, although I've no idea what the difference between them is, sorry. Guess that's another question.) I have used the move tool a little in the past, and it worked. Help?