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  1. Ok, I got it. I read somewhere else that Paint.NET was recommended for something similar to what I need to do and I thought it is an API.
  2. Hi there, I was searching for capabilities to zoom in and out on a graphic and my search led me here. I just want to find out is Paint.Net is a library that can help me achive what I want. Here is a brief description of the task: 1. I need to develop a small application designated to conduct a survey of all the workstations in a company. The surveys will be conducted on tablets. Because our expertise is in .NET platform, we need to implement the application for Windows-based tablets; 2. I start with a bunch of floor plans (CAD drawings that can be formated in .bmp, .jpeg, .tiff or any other graphical format you can possibly think off; 3. As the surveyor walks around the offices, following the floor plan that was selected on the tablet, he/she needs to click on the floor plan and through a small form that pops-up, indicate whether the workstation/office that is surveyed was empty or occupied and if it was occupied, whether the person was on the phone, on the computer or in a collaboration. Simple checkboxes. 4. When a workstation was surveyed, I need to place a flag or a letter on top of the floor plan, just to indicate the location as being surveyed (floor plans can have up to 250 workstations and offices, so it's easy to miss some). 5. Because the floor plans tend to be huge, fitting all of the graphic file on the screen of a tablet may render the plan unreadable. So I need to build zoom in , zoom out capabilities. Pinch zoom in/zoom out, the iPad way, would be fantastic, but I need to find out if the tablet (Samsung or HP) supports that. Meanwhile, I can add scroll bars to move different areas of the plan into view and a slide control to zoom in and out. My questions: - Does the Paint.NET library have any functionality to allow me to zoom in and out of a graphic? - Can I add icons (or letters - 'C' for on the computer, 'T' for on the phone, 'X' for empty) on top of the floor plan? I need to place them at the location of a click on the plan (need to get coordinates for that) but also need to memorize them so that if a certain area is taken out of the view and then brought back into view, I need to redraw all the icons/letters so that the surveyor doesn't survey the area again. - Finally, at the end of the survey I need to print the entire floor plan and add all the icons (or letters) on top of the plan, to give the manager an overview of a snap-shot of the floor at a certain time of the day. Can I do all these things with Paint.NET? TIA, Eddie